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The Farm Tender Hay Report – Volume 17 - The truth will be in the test

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Oct 09, 2018

The truth will be in the test

With some rain around and rain forecast, it's hectic out there in the Hay paddocks. Some are Baling; some are cutting, and some are in-between

The amount of Canola Hay cut is plentiful but the yields vary alot, and in some cases, it might be a couple of good one woods between bales.

Farmers who have saved some Crops for Grain and at the same time cut Crops for Hay are a little bit torn right now with some rain around.

Some good falls in NSW and Qld have revived hopes of a Summer Crop in some areas, and if they get some more then it will be seriously considered. Rain in these areas is also good for the psyche and will hopefully get some grass growing for those lucky enough to get some. 

As for Hay pricing, we get the feeling that there might be a little bit of market easiness, not much, but a little for Canola and Cereal Hay. As one of our Farm Tender sales guys pointed out this morning, the truth will be in the feed test. Good testing Vetch Hay will more than likely be around the $400/mt mark.

So with that in mind, we do offer testing through the "Prime" Ag Centre (PAC) in Elmore via Forage Lab Australia in Bendigo. We are encouraging Farmers to test their Canola Hay for soluble Protein.

We stock Hay Tarps & Covers, Preservatives & Inoculants, Twine & Wrap and Applicators here at the PAC, in Elmore.

We have decided to pull our table of prices until the new season gets well underway, the reason being is that it doesn't reflect where the market is at currently

The next report will be in two weeks time.

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