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Mobile Plunge Dipping Services

Ag Contractors - Dipping

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  • Mobile plunge dipping Can supply chemical Industry standard 9.5 meter swim & dunked twice Guaranteed 100% lice kill servicing central &northern Victoria & Gippsland Some handy tips for management of lice in your flock - 1/ Only the best laid plans can eradicate lice. Do it once do it right 2/ Always maintain good fences. 3/ Know your neighbors lice status, talk and coordinate an attack on lice control. 4/ Avoid split shearings and lambs at foot. 5/ Keep introduced sheep separate for a quarantine period until you can be assured they are lice free or treated if necessary. Never return a stray sheep until its treated for lice. 6/ Ensure a clean muster, its always recommended a second muster to check for any sheep missed the first time. 7/ Never mix mobs of treated and untreated sheep. 8/ Lice can cause up to 10% loss in wool production and up to 10% less in $$$ per kilo. Lousy sheep are harder to shear and the shearers are likely to ask for more $$$ per head. 9/ Sheep rubbing on an old fence decreases the life of that fence. 10/ Lice causes discoloration of the fleece which holds moisture and attracts fly's. 11/ Dipping is cost effective compared to other lice treatments.

  • Listed on: Jun 08, 2018
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