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    What is Mecardo Analysis?

    Watch the video interview with Mecardo MD Robert Herrmann below

    There is an enormous amount of market information available. However, it’s often difficult to know what really matters – what is driving the market, what impact will this have on the market outlook? Most importantly, what does this mean for your business?

    Mecardo makes it very easy for you, by filtering what's important from the 'noise'. Mecardo explains what is driving the market, helps you understand what's important and what it means for you and your business.

    We utilize data in conjunction with our own experience to create meaningful analysis, which is digestible by all stakeholders in a business.

    Mecardo is Australia’s leading multi commodity risk management advisory and market intelligence service, providing concise, timely & relevant market information through our online platform, and direct to private clients.

    We provide bespoke market analysis and reporting to a range of clients including producers, commodity consumers, banks, industry bodies and investment firms.

    We have the capacity to personalize and deliver our services to meet the exact needs of your business. This flexibility and our willingness to scale services for our clients is highly valued and sets us apart from our competitors.

    Mecardo is a wholly owned Ruralco business, providing us with access to wide range of industry experts in regional areas.

    Mecardo analysis information includes:
    • Cattle, sheep, wool and grain markets subscription- all in the one place
    • Market drivers, outlook and trading strategies
    • Webinars and online training
    • Email alerts to new information
    • Benchmarking
    • Bespoke investor and board reports

    Mecardo analysis is
    • Independent - Provided free of influence from outside influence
    • Expert - Analysts have in excess of 100 years’ combined experience in commodity markets, analysis and risk management
    • Practical - A focus on ‘What does it mean, and how do I use it?” for individual businesses
    • Holistic - Analysis incorporates both physical and derivative markets
    • Relevant - Topics and issues relevant to today’s markets are covered
    • Accessible - All your market intelligence needs in one place, available anywhere and at any time
    Mecardo Services and Capabilities brochure

  • Listed on: Jul 23, 2018
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