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Total 55 listings

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Explore A Range of Stock Crates For Sale Online

Are you someone dealing in the livestock business in Australia? Then cattle crates are something that you must own for managing your livestock. These are great equipment essential for effective and safe cattle transport and also helps meet specific requirements that are undoubtedly available from a quality stock crate trailer.

If you are out for efficient cattle trailers for sale, then look no further. Farmtender lists a varied range of stock trailers for sale at the lowest possible prices to stand out from other competitors.

Buy Both New and Used Stock Trailer For Sale From All Across Australia

Accessing over an Australia-wide network has gotten much easier through Farmtender. Explore our inventory sourcing livestock trailers for sale from all across Australia including regions like NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA, SA, and others.

Our ‘For Sale’ page makes your search easy by extending multiple filters that helps you drill down to your needs effortlessly. Locate reliable suppliers in and around your district or regions by simply adding filters.

From Shanks Stock Crate, Duncan Deck stock crate, and Apache Stock Crate to other double deck livestock trailers and horse crates for sale from brands like Freighter, Fruehauf, Nixon, Moore, Bells, Stoodley, etc. Our extensive model range offers freedom to look for various other machinery & equipment.

For a specific model, post an ad on the ‘Wanted’ listing page and get in touch with trustworthy suppliers from all over Australia. Pick a suitable product from our listings for cattle crates for sale to ensure a way safer livestock management.

Sell off What Is No Longer Need Through Farmtender

Don’t want to overload your inventory with older versions of stock crates and bulk bodies? Sell it off through Farmtender and help someone who needs it. Simply post an ad for free on our ‘For Sale’ page with a detailed description of the product and wait to receive a quote online.

We guarantee the best quality, affordability, user-friendly interface, extended online market range along with excellent customer service. Join us and get access to over 58,000 members including suppliers, buyers, retailers, and many others.

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