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Total 10 listings

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Get New and Used Drop Deck Trailers for Sale at Farm Tender

Finding it difficult to transport your farm machines or other materials? Need to often deroute due to low-height limit roads? Add a drop deck trailer to your farm essential inventory and make your transit with a massive load just a piece of cake.

Check out Farm Tender to get what you are looking for, from an Australia-wide network including regions like NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and others.

Explore a Range of Low Loaders for Sale at the Best Reasonable Price

Drop deck trailers or low loaders, also known as double drop, low-bed, float, or lowboy trailers, is an efficient transport machine that maximizes your cubic capacity to carry excavators, cranes, dump trucks, and other heavy machinery.

These are pretty flexible and are 8.5 feet wide and 48-53 ft long. These are designed without sides or top and are a great solution when load height is an issue. These are strong and durable and make transporting heavy loads a breeze.

At Farm Tender, you get quality products at a rightful price. It features products of brands like Vawdrey, Stonestar, Barker, Fewings, Freighter, and others with a starting range of $4000 to $89,000.

In addition to Drop Deck trailers, Farmtender also has a variety of trucks and trailers in stock: farm trucks, livestock trucks, water tankers, plant trailers, horse trucks, and many more.

Experience Seamless Buying and Selling Online

In search of a new or used drop deck trailer? Run a check through our ‘For Sale’ page listing. Or, else post your specific requirement on our ‘Wanted listing’ page.

We at Farm Tender offer a free listing opportunity and we only charge the sellers. Get your pick at the advertised price with any additional charges.

Moreover, with Farm Tender you can both be a seller as well as a buyer. We offer a convenient, user-friendly platform with effective customer service, which has rewarded us with over 58,000 happy and satisfied members.

To date, We have made a successful sale worth $25,000,000. Join us now and be a part of the Farm Tender family!

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