Farm Tender



You can make an Offer on any “For Sale” item. It’s important to note that making an Offer is like an “Expression of Interest” and is subject to sample or inspection.


You can quote on any “Wanted” item at anytime. Please note that if your quote is accepted then you will be up for selling fees as we only ever charge the seller if they sell something. See Pricing. If you are quoting an item you have to sell then we suggest that you also list it as a For Sale item.


This is a place where you can converse with the other party to gleam more information or ask a specific question.

Other Information

Once you make an Offer, a Quote, or place a Comment/Question you will then receive the information of the other party via an automated email sent to your inbox.

In the case where we have Dealer or Agent listings along with services listed, like Freight Providers or Contractors, you can get the contact details directly off the website as they operate under a different pricing system.