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Plastag - We specialise in Packaging, Protection and Conservation Solutions or the Agri-food sector

Hay & Silage Products and Equipment - Plastic Packaging

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    We're a team who prides ourselves on our service.

    Doing business with Plastag ensures you great service, price, quality and supply guarantees.

    Here at Plastag, our philosophies in business are very simple:
    1. Offer quality, innovative products that add genuine value to our clients' business.
    2. Ensure price guarantees every time. Being the direct link with the manufacturer, we can easily offer this.
    3. Giving supply guarantees to our loyal business partners.
    4. Exceptional customer service - in a timely and efficient manner both pre and after-sales.

    All of the above is not possible without manufacturing partners that have the following;
    1. Strong R&D departments to ensure 'innovation' is at the core of their business.
    2. Efficient and state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and machinery
    3. Good managers to deal with, who understand rural business and the volatility of the industry, more specifically, Australia's.
    4. The flexibility and agility to 'defend' our position in the market place to ensure Plastag and our clients are sustainable businesses.

    Hyti grain bags

    Delivered Australia wide
    Hyti bags are the largest capacity grain bag on the market place - fitting up to an Extra 20 tonne of wheat per 75metre bag!

    Features of Hyti grain bags include:
       * Easiest grain bag to fit onto the in-loading machine on the market
       * Highest UV stabiliser on the market (3%)
       * Stores up to an extra 20 tonne more than competitor bags
       * Fits every machine on the market
       * Bonus knife, tape, rope, cable ties and ruler        
       * Highest gauge/micron
       * Highest Ultra Violet stability additive for Australia's harsh conditions
       * Highest tonnage capacity on the market
       * Premium base material quality & production

    All making for a bags that is more resistant to:
       * Pests & vermin
       * Tears & punchers
       * UV breakdown

    It's easy to see why the Hyti Bag consistently outperforms other bags.
     Grain bags - Hyti bag Belgium

    Rondotex netwrap

    The world's favourite netwrap with the 'red' thread.
       * Compatible with all round balers
       * High water shedding characteristics
       * Carry handles
       * Optimum spreading characteristics
       * Red end warning marker (30m)
       * New generation tech NGT-Xtra strength resins
       * New Rondotex 4000m contractor pro rolls
       * New Rondotex 'Strong XD' for extreme baling conditions.

    1.23m x 3150m Rondotex / 28 rolls per pallet
    1.23m x 4000m Rondotex / 28 rolls per pallet
    1.23m x 3000m Rondotex 'Strong XD' / 28 rolls per pallet
    1.3m x 3150m Rondotex / 28 rolls per pallet

    Silage Wrap - Optima 750

    Choosing a high quality silage wrap is critical to the success of silage making.
      * Highest UV stable additive in the world
      * Noiseless wrapping process
      * High tear resistance
      * Patented high oxygen barrier technology (high lamination tech)

    750mm x 1500m / 25 micron / Light Green
    750mm x 1500m/ 25 micron / Black
    180 Kilolangley UV Stability - Highest UV stablilty in the world.
    40 Rolls per pallet
     Silage wrap amp bale film - K9OptimaRKWnbsp

    Plastag Hyti Silage Covers & Hyti O2 Barrier Film

    Choosing a high quality, 3% UV stabilised film is critical to the silage making process and outcome.

    Hyti silage covers and our NEW 'Hyti-Barrier' oxygen barrier plastic underlay film ensures high quality fodder conservation every time.

    All silage films consist of 3 layers (co-extrusion technique) and made in Belgium for Australian conditions.

    Plastag's Hyti silage covers feature:
       * High oxygen film barrier allowing for a complete fermentation and preservation of stored feed nutrients.
       * Produced with the strongest and most durable film resins and can withstand the harshest of storage conditions in Australia and NZ.
       * A high level of  ultraviolet high light protection (3%) and are warranted for 18 months towards UV degradation. Vital in Australia's high UV environment. Rated to 180 UV Kilo langley - Highest in the World!
       * White outside layer helps to keep stored silages cooler, reducing bunker heating and the DM losses.

    NEW- 'Hyti Barrier' oxygen barrier film
    18.3m x 50m / 50micron
    18.3m x 150m / 50micron
    18.3m x 350m / 50micron

    Hyti Barrier high oxygen barrier film - 'The complete quality package'

    Hyti Barrier was developed specifically to enhance the quality of bulk silage around the world.

    The success of this product in the USA and Europe has now made its way to Australia!

    The high oxygen barrier film features:
       * 50 times less oxygen permeability than standard black/white silage film.
       * The 50 micron underlay film is tough and durable.
       * The film follows contours of the silage, sucking down to create a fully anerobic environment in the bunker/pit. Thus reducing dry matter loss and animal health issues associated with undesirable microrganisms & mycotoxins.

        Custom made widths and lengths.
     nbspSilage covers ampnbspbarrier film - Hytinbsp

    Matox Livestock Mats

    Engineered for Australian Livestock and Production Systems

    Matox Features:
       * Highest abrasion resistance on the market
       * Anti slip, 360 degree directional grip
       * Easy wash water flow pattern
       * High compression and rebound capacity
       * Nylon interweave technology
       * Comes with marine grade stainless steel fixings with plugs and washers
       * Stud underside
       * 100% virgin natural rubber

    Matox Benefits:
       * Stud underside for give and softness underfoot
       * Interlocking edge and drainage points
       * Reduced lameness
       * Improved animal health and performance
       * Water saving with flood wash / hose down
       * Increased cow flow (faster milking time)
       * Increased heat detection in yard
       * Improved employee safety and comfort underfoot
       * Easy wash water flow pattern
       * DIY easy install and uninstall (reversible screws)
     Rubber mats for livestock - Matox

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