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Total 1172 listings

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Buy Hay Bales For Sale All Over Australia

We make it easy to buy and sell hay anywhere in the country. Whether you are stocking up, getting rid of excess or are a dedicated seller, join almost 58,000+ other members through Farm Tender.

Search listings or post your own to buy hay bales direct from a seller

Stocking up on hay shouldn’t be a hassle. As a buyer, you can browse a huge range of hay bales for sale online from agricultural businesses and independent farmers around Australia. Our inventory sets forth a wide variety of hay and fodder that includes pea straw, lucerne hay, oaten hay, barley, cereal, clover, wheaten, pasture, vetch, rhodes grass, and even straw.

Scroll through our ‘For Sale’ page to get hold of the exact type that you are in need of, at the most affordable price. It might be tough for you to estimate how much a bale of hay cost if you haven’t bought it before. Factors like hay type, hay quality, foliage type, climate, and location affect the cost. Despite these cost-influencing factors, as per market rates, a bale of hay costs approximately A$22.

If you can’t find specifically what you’re looking for through the search function, you can post a Wanted listing to let sellers know exactly what you need. Sellers can then view your request and provide a quote based on your description. The best part? We don’t charge buyers a cent to make a purchase.

Become a seller and locate buyers with ease

For those who are interested in selling hay bales, rather than buying, you’ve come to the right place. It’s completely free to post a listing and advertise it to almost 58,000+ of our members across Australia—we’ll only charge you a set fee if you make a successful sale. You can also browse Wanted listings and make a quote on anything that you can provide.

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If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to help! Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Otherwise, register an account for free and you’re ready to get started.