Farm Tender

For Sale

Making money on the farm (or in any business) is about selling stuff, it might be something you produce or something you don't need anymore. The Farm Tender platform can act as a great selling tool for anything Agricultural related.

Farm Tender provides a platform where Farmers and Agricultural Businesses can list their “For Sale” items for free and expose them to an Australian wide audience.

Since 2011 Farm Tender has grown to 40,000 Farmer members who have used to this platform to successfully sell over $80,000,000 worth of Grain, Hay, Livestock, Used Machinery & Vehicles etc.

Reason’s for using Farm Tender to Sell:

  • It’s free to list
  • You only pay if you sell – See pricing 
  • You can list for as long as you like
  • Although its an online business, we still get involved in the sale
  • For Grain we can do contracts and organise freight
  • Your items will be exposed to a broad audience 
  • We rank highly with the search engines like Google and Bing
  • Buyers come to us
  • Our business is growing and our model is gaining in popularity
  • You can purchase “Featured Listing” to keep your listing on the front page

All you need to do is register or sign in and start listing that For Sale item…