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We are an Australian company based in Western Victoria. Our products are designed and manufactured locally.

Time to get your pack now.

Craig, NSW: "I only cart a small amount of hay, so only bought a single load looper, would highly recommend them to anyone that carts hay. Would suggest those carting multiple loads to buy the 4 pack".

What is Load Looper?

LoadLooper is a weighted device that attaches to a loading strap to carry the strap over the highest legal loads and simplify the loading process. Stored and transportable in a purpose made zinc-coated carrier which mounts to the truck rail for easy access when loading.




Grant, Vic: "Wish I'd purchased the 8 instead of 4, great for us older guys as don't need as much effort when throwing them into the wind".

Why you’ll love Load Loopers

Proudly Australian
owned, designed, manufactured

No Edges
to catch on your load
(Suited to 3 tonne* straps)

Less twisted straps
Minimises strap twisting

Simple to use
get it right the first time

Recessed latch
to minimise damage on impact

Strategically weighted
for all purposes

Garry, SA: "The load looper has made life so much easier when carting hay, highly recommend".

Safety Guidelines

  • Check the landing area and surrounds are clear of people
  • Always adopt a proper throwing technique
  • Fasten the strap coupling securely into the clasp
  • Throw one LoadLooper at a time.
  • Never throw your LoadLooper at or to anyone
  • Throw with the wind
  • Do not throw against the wind in gusty conditions as this adversely affects your control of the LoadLooper

Damo, Vic: "Loaded a load of Hay the other day, wind blowing, no worries throwing the straps with the Load Loopers. Made life easy".

WARNING: The LoadLooper is not a toy. Every LoadLooper comes with instructions including safety guidelines and throwing techniques. Incorrect, improper or careless use may cause damage or personal injury. Always read the instructions and check landing areas are clear of people before use.