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Total 170 listings

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Offering a Comprehensive Listing of Straw Bales and More for Sale Online

Servicing as the ultimate one-stop-shop for farmers and agricultural businesses alike, you needn’t look any further than our online store when it comes to straw bales, hay, fodder and everything in between. Our virtual marketplace brings buyers, sellers, farmers and suppliers from all around the country together in the one convenient place. This allows you to either find exactly what you’re after, or sell that excess, or unwanted product. The sky’s the limit.

Buy straw at competitive pricing

The most advantageous aspect of our platform is the ability for buyers to shop around through multiple sellers to make sure they get the best possible price. Our ‘for sale’ clients want your business, which means they are going to put forward their best quotes when you enquire about the price. You may even manage to get some in a bidding war to ensure they offer you the most appealing deal and secure your payment.

Sell excessive or unwanted stock and make a profit in the process

Many farmers simply wish to dispose of their extra bales of straw, others use our marketplace as an opportunity to reach new potential customers and make the most of our convenient selling platform. Whether you’re looking to sell livestock, farm dogs, equipment, hay bales, or any other number of farming produce, you know where to go.Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us online should you require a helping hand finding exactly what you’re after.