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Enjoy convenient online Kubota tractor sales throughout Australia

Looking for unused and used Kubota tractors? Farmtender has you covered with our Australia-wide network. We offer exclusive farm machines and other equipment including Kubota tractors in NSW, Victoria and other regions.

Farm Tender offers you the convenience of online tractor sales with free listing option and minimal charges after sales. It is even super easy to look for what you want. Just browse through our listings and get the contact details of the sellers after you make an offer through our website. You get various models of tractors with over 40 HP at a low price.

You can also post your search in our Wanted Listing option where the sellers will find you and quote the prices based on the description provided by you. We have more than 52000 members and have facilitated sales worth over $25,000,000.

Company History:

Japanese company Kubota has been offering large sized tractors with diverse applications since 1960. They have introduced an all new M7 series of tractors for large-scale agricultural usage that marks the company’s full-fledged entry into extensive agricultural practices.

Key Features:

  • These fuel efficient tractors help keep minimum noise and vibration levels.
  • Kubota’s tractors come with an automatic horizontal control system that makes it perfectly functionable on land with changeable gradients. These are also operational on soft or wet conditions and uneven surfaces.
  • The bi-speed technology of the tractors offers smoother turning motion that enables front wheels to rotate at double the speed of the rear wheels.
  • Its ergonomic design and convenient positioning of all the controls offer easy operation.
  • Kubota offers compact utility tractors that handle heavier work with ease and are effective for domestic, industrial and agricultural setup.
  • Their B and BX series are apt for domestic and simple yard activities. Whereas, L and M series are ideal for heavier agricultural and industrial applications.

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