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Total 26 listings

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Buy or Advertise New and Used Farm Trailers For Sale Online

Farm Tender is the go-to buying and selling service for farmers and agricultural businesses from all over Australia, and it’s the way to find used and new farm trailers. Expand your dealership, sell unused machinery or buy whatever you need online—it’s that easy.

Search listed trailers or post a request for what you are looking for

We’ve made it easy for you to buy any trailer you need. Simply use the search function to browse the listings posted by sellers in your area and make an offer to receive their contact details and finalise the sale. If you require a specific tractor that you can’t find, you can also post a Wanted listing and wait for appropriate sellers to contact you with a quote based on the description you provide.

Sell your farm trailers to local buyers

Whether you’re a dealer or just have a trailer you no longer use, Farm Tender is the perfect place to make a sale. Just shy of 51,000+ members buy and sell with us; more than $25,000,000 worth of sales has been processed through our website since we started in 2011. Best of all, we’ll only charge a selling fee if confirm a sale—it’s free to list and you won’t be charged until you find a buyer!

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It’s easy to get started: just create a free account and you’re on your way. If you need any help buying or selling, or just have a general enquiry, feel free to get in touch with our team at any time.