Farm Tender


The Farm Tender Wanted section is a place where Farmers and Agricultural Businesses go to find something specific.

You might be a grain buyer looking for a parcel of Corn, you might be a Dairy Farmer looking for a quick load of Vetch Hay, or you might be looking for a particular part or a specific type of baler.

Since 2011 Farm Tender has satisfied the needs of many people who where looking for something specific.

Reasons for using Farm Tender to buy:

  • It’s free, we only ever charge the seller
  • List for as long as you like
  • Use it for anything you require
  • Expose your Wanted listing to a broad audience
  • We rank highly with the search engines like Google and Bing
  • Our business is growing and our model is gaining in popularity
  • You can purchase “Featured Listing” to keep your listing up the top
  • The Farm Tender team will actually help you look for your Wanted item

All you need to do is register or sign in and start listing that Wanted item...