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Get New and Used Backhoe for Sale Over An Australia-wide Network

Whether you call it a layman’s digger or heavy equipment vehicle, backhoe loaders have been of great use in the farming sector as well as construction sites for decades. A tractor-like unit fitted with a bucket in the front and backhoe at the end makes tilling soil, hauling hay, digging holes and carrying material seamlessly.

The first backhoe was produced in 1953 by a British manufacturer JCB, and it gradually rolled on with further evolution in technology. Getting a new or used backhoe for sale has gotten even more simple and easy with Farm Tender. Its Australia-wide network covers regions like Victoria, NSW, QLD, SA, and many others.

Discover an Inventory of Wide Range of Backhoe for Sale Online

The entire equipment consists of three main attachments- a tractor, loader, and a backhoe. Though most of the backhoes feature the same qualities, they generally differ in type. Models that can dig up to 10 feet cost between $25,000-$35,000. Digging capacity up to 16feet and beyond are generally known as large backhoe, which costs $76,000-$110,000.

Whether 2wd, 4wd, or tracked backhoe for sale, make sure you opt for the right type depending upon your needs. 2wd’s are specially designed for zero-difficulty terrain, 4wd are meant for terrain where it might be tricky to drive around, and tracked backhoes are specially for incredibly difficult terrain.

At Farm Tender, you can easily drill down to your needs with our well-stocked inventory highlighting some of the quality backhoe loaders that are available for sale.

Whether a John Deere, Caterpillar, or a JCB backhoe, you can get all that you are looking for. From the entire equipment to just an attachment, Farm Tender is all set to support your or all your needs at a reasonable price. Are you confused about what makes a backhoe different from an excavator? Check out our blog on backhoe vs excavator what exactly they are and decide which fits your needs better!

Experience Hassle-Free Online Buying and Selling

We are extremely overwhelmed and excited to declare that we have achieved a milestone of a successful sale worth $25,000,000 and formed a family of over 59,000 members. These have happened due to our seamless buying and selling process and your constant support.

We offer listings for online browsing posted by reliable dealers and sellers. You can get your desired pick by quoting a price for the specific product on our ‘For Sale’ page. Or, you can also post your requirement on our ‘Wanted’ page. Sellers will track you through your description and will make an offer.

You can not only buy but can also sell out your used backhoe. And, the amazing part- we do not charge you anything. Just pay a minimum cost only after a successful sale.

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