Farm Tender

Our Fees

Farm Tender is free to list; List as many items as you like for as long as you like, no lock in contracts and experienced staff on hand to assist you at all times.

Fees will only apply to the Seller upon sale of the item. This applies to both For Sale and Wanted Listings

1. A Buyers Premium Fee applies to all items purchased through an Auction.
2. Paid Listings (upfront payment); applies to all Contractors, Freight providers, Ag Hire & Ag Jobs.

Category Sale Details Fee
Machinery & Equipment
• Trucks/Trailers
• Vehicles/Motorbikes
• Livestock Equipment
Sale Price up to $3,499.99 $100.00 + GST
Sale Price above $3,500.00 3.00% + GST
Grain & Seed Grain
Bulk Grain < 20/mt $10.00 per mt + GST
Bulk Grain > 20/mt $5.00 per mt + GST
Warehoused - Title Transfer $3.50 per mt + GST
All Seed Grain $0.05 cents per kg + GST
All Pasture Seed (sold by kg) $0.20 cents per kg + GST
*Seed - Minimum Charge $50+ GST*
Hay & Fodder Sold by Tonne (mt) $5.00 per mt + GST
Sold by Roll or Lrg Square Bale $2.50 per bale + GST
Sold by Sml Square Bale 0-99 $1.00 per bale + GST
Sold by Sml Square Bale 99+ $0.50 cents per bale + GST
Fertiliser & Chemical
(Farmer Listed)
Sale Price 5.00% + GST
Livestock FEE
3% + GST
Cattle 3% + GST
Goats 3% + GST
Rams 5% + GST
Bulls 5% + GST
Dogs $100 + GST (per dog)
All Other Livestock $100 + GST (per head)
Auctions Fees Vendor Fee (on sale) 4.00% + GST
Buyers Premium Fee (on sale) 3.00% + GST
Single Vendor Auction Fee POA
Farm Inputs
(Fertiliser, Chemical, Specialised Machinery & Equipment)
Sales & New Supplier Opportunities Contact Ellen Garland
Paid Listings Contractors/Freight/Ag Hire/Ag Jobs Upfront - Per Listing $100.00 + GST (for 90 Days)
Rural Property Listings Listing Fee Applies POA