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Discover New and Used Rotary Hoe for Sale All Across Australia

From cutting clogs, breaking soil to removing weeds, a Rotary hoe or Rotavator is ideal to get the seedbed prepared before planting.

Looking for a rotary hoe for sale? Farm Tender is here to make your cultivating job easy. Get the desired rotary hoe model from the range of options available.

No matter where you are located, our Australia-wide network allows you to seamlessly buy and sell farm-related stuff online.

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We here at farm tender offer a convenient platform for buying and selling rotary hoe and other farm implements. Connecting buyers and sellers throughout the country, you can easily get whatever you are looking for without paying an extra cost.

The rotary hoe is a versatile tillage tool used for turning hard clay, controlling weeds, and enhancing crop emergence. Also known as cultivators, they can either be self-propelled or hauled as a tractor attachment. The main purpose is to remove weeds that remain unaffected after the application of herbicide. Farmers generally prefer their usage for large crops like sugarcanes or corns.

A Rotary Hoe can easily reach the depth of 150 mm down the Earth. This depth is suitable for grass and shrubs. Moreover, depth less than 150 mm, may cause damage to roots as roots may come out of the soil.

Moreover, we stock a range of petrol engine and diesel-powered rotary hoes from top brands including Howard, Breviglieri, Sicma, Celli, and many more. The size of the Rotary Hoe you should get entirely depends on the farm size and type of the soil. Say if the size of your farm is under 1500 Sq. Ft., you may go with a Rotary Hoe with 1.5 to 3 HP which is sufficiently provided the soil is favourable. With the increase in the farm area, you should also increase the capacity of the Rotary Hoe to 5 to 6 HP.

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