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Worm Hit Fertiliser - Fertiliser Pellets for the Agriculture Industry

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    Founded in Mildura, Victoria in November 2015, Worm Hit investigated the uses of worm casts in a pelletised and compacted form for use in the agricultural and home garden fertiliser sector. With trials established in 2016 for the Victorian wheat season, Worm Hit soon realised that there is a large market in the biological fertiliser industry for worm castings, following successful trials on wheat and horticultural crops in the Mallee area in Victoria.

    Commercial production commenced in February 2017.

    We have the ability to service even the largest order for pelletised worm castings.

    Attacking Soil Health

    A key issue for farmers is soil health. We are seeing soil health deteriorate markedly as growers use more and more chemical fertilisers to try and achieve the same yield outcomes.

    Nutrients in the soil must be in their natural form before plants can take them up. It is one of the functions of a healthy soil food web to hold nutrients in non-leachable forms so that they remain in the soil until the plant requires them

    The plant then “turns on” the right biology to convert the nutrients into forms that it can uptake.

    Our worm cast pellets are full of a highly active biological mix of beneficial soil microbes, enzymes and water soluble plant nutrients. They are packed with minerals essential for plant growth and there is over 50% more humus in worm castings than one would normally find in top soil.

    All animal manures and chemical fertilisers must be broken down in the soil before the plant is able to absorb them, but with our pellets which contain concentrated nitrates, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and potassium and a host of micro nutrients they are immediately available to the plant. And because they are in a pelletised form they will release slowly over a much longer period.

    What is it?

    Worm Hit pellets are a biological fertiliser made from worm casts that contain beneficial soil microorganisms. Worm Hit pellets are 4mm in diameter to suit a range of agricultural users including broad acre, horticulture, viticulture and the home garden market. Worm Hit pellets are full of beneficial soil micro organisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes (the good guys) which help transform nutrients within the soil from inorganic forms to organic forms to aid in plant nutrient uptake.

    Maximises nutrient availability - The soil microorganisms help to increase the nutrient availability and regulate the nutrient uptake to ensure the element is in the right place at the right time when the plant requires it.

    Improves soil structure - The soil microorganisms will increase soil and nutrient holding capacity as  well as increase soil aeration

    Increases yields and quality - By allowing the nutrients to be in the right place at the right time, the yield and quality will be increased

    Disease suppression - Minimises the need for pesticides due to a stronger plant being grown that can supress disease causing organisms.

    Contains humic acid - Humic acid helps to improve soil nutrient holding capacity, water holding capacity and plant growth

    Application rates - Worm Hit pellet application rates may vary on crop, irrigation, plant density per hectare current soil condition and average rainfall.

    Discuss your specific requirements with your distributor, agronomist or contact Worm Hit Pty Ltd for further information

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