Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I list something, do I remain anonymous?

A: Yes, we are the only ones that know your identity.

Q: Is listing free?

A: Listing is free for both buying and selling. We only ever charge the seller if they sell something (even with wanted ads). However, we do have paid listing for things like Contractors, Freight Providers, Ag Jobs, etc.

Q: How do I get in contact with the person who owns the listing?

A: You have to make an comment, there is a box within the listing. When you make a comment there, the listing owner's name and phone number comes up on the screen. 

Q: Is quoting/offering/comment free?

A: Yes, you have to be registered to quote, offer or comment.

Q: What are the selling fees?

A: See a link to the selling fees here.

Q: Does Farm Tender get involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller?

A: Yes, we invoice on behalf of the seller to the buyer and take the funds into our account (escrow), we then distribute the funds to the seller once both parties are happy and deduct our commission. 

Q: Will Farm Tender solicit my details to third parties?

A: No, never

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