Farm Tender

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I list something do I remain anonymous?

A: Yes, we are the only ones that know you identity

Q: Is listing free?

A: Listing is free for both buying and selling. When a quote or offer is accepted we only ever charge the seller

Q: Is quoting free?

A: Yes anyone can quote and it's free. If you are quoting on a Buy (Wanted) listing and you win the quote then we charge a small fee (see pricing)

Q: I have done a deal (either buy or sell) and the deal went pear shaped, do I get a refund on my fee?

A: We have a refund policy and if both parties can prove the deal went sour then we will refund the fee less a $40 admin fee

Q: Does Farm Tender get involved in the transaction between the buyer and seller?

A: No, we only provide the platform

Q: Will Farm Tender solicit my details to third parties

A: No, never

If you have any further questions then email