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MAXI-FEEDER Hay Feeders sold at the PAC in Elmore

Livestock Equipment - Cattle Feeding

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  • MAXI-FEEDER Hay Feeders

    ***These are available in stock at the PAC in Elmore***

    This is our latest design, we think it addresses most of the problems associated with these type of cradle feeders such as cleaning wet hay out that cattle won't touch. These feeders have no obstruction in the bed so you only have to lift them up with your loader and the remains are left on the ground. They can be fitted or retrofitted with a trap door floor which is simply suspended using four chains, still easy to clean out, just undo two of the chains and lift and the floor will swing out the bottom. Another advantage with this floor is that it can be adjusted higher so smaller stock can reach. In most situations, the floor isn't needed.

    We have set the cradle lower in the new feeders and now use self-locking head bails rather than the angle bars which cuts down on more waste, they are now a lot more front-end loader friendly as the lift point is halfway up the feeder and not underneath.

    Maxi-Feeder: Hay feeder suits yearlings and adult cattle. $1650 inc GST plus delivery, Discounts for big users taking container lots (70 units)
    • Measures 9' x 6' takes all size bales and chopped silage.
    • Can now be fitted with a suspended adjustable trap door type floor. No more trouble emptying the feeder
    • Internal cradle centres feed away from sides and saves waste.
    • Replaceable skids.
    • Economy feeder
    • Will easily feed 50 cows AD/LIB.
    • Self-cleaning (No dismantling or upending) (Just raise with loader).
    • No dead areas (Cattle can reach across).
    • Will suit yearlings, cows, and bulls.
    • Strong enough to lift and carry large bales.
    • Our feeder can easily be linked together to suit feedlots if needed.
    • Can easily be fitted with a weatherproof cover.

  • Listed on: Jul 16, 2018
  • Listing No.: 5 (1658 views)

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