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Offering Merino Ewes, Dorper Sheep and More for Sale

Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Farm Tender is Australia’s ultimate online marketplace. Giving you access to thousands of users all around the country, you can connect with farmers and agricultural businesses looking to buy sheep for sale, or sell their excess livestock.Whatever your needs, our platform can accommodate your needs like never before by providing you with a fast and convenient one-stop-shop for livestock. Find the best quotes in the one place and place wanted ads for specific species or bulk orders. By advertising this way, a seller can see your post and contact you with their best quote, allowing you to negotiate your business requirements online from the comfort of your own home if need be.

Place an offer on an ad that suits your needs

Search by price, or location and find exactly what you’re looking for before committing to buy. With all variety of sheep available, including merino ewes, dorper sheep and much more, you’ll be able to find an ad that meets your budget and your individual requirements. We also have listings for other livestock, including cattle, goats and more.

Reach bigger and broader target markets

Our comprehensive online marketplace has thousands of users and allows you to advertise your stock, hay, grain, or equipment to a much larger audience than previously possible. Make sure you contact our team today by filling in our online enquiry form should you require any assistance for the right item, produce, or livestock.