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Total 41 listings

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Find Quality Breeds of Pigs For Sale From All Over Australia

Searching online for quality listings of pigs for sale? Farm tender is here to help you!

We help you run a flourishing livestock farming business and let you meet the market's rising demand for pork production by providing the best quality pigs from all over the country. Our listings allow you to track and find the rightful options by featuring some of the excellent breeds of pigs for sale in Victoria, Queensland, Brisbane, NSW, Perth, and many other regions.

Locate Buyers and Sellers From All Across Australia

Find the best price in your area with Farmtender. Be it miniature pigs for sale or adult pigs for sale, the average rate of one pig costs around $150-$500 or a pair of pigs about $300-$1000- get your desired pick at Farmtender at the best reasonable price without any added expenses. We here ensure a fast and simple sale across the country with just a few clicks. Our seamless search techniques bring buyers and sellers together to experience a hassle-free online transaction.

Raising pigs sounds to be one of the lucrative business ventures as the market for pork has noticed a significant surge in prices. But starting one such business would definitely require a feasible land for raising the pigs. About half a hectare would be enough for rearing pigs. Check out Farmtender, as we offer ample options for rural property.

Moreover, we do extend other livestock options as well, like goats, sheep, farm dogs, puppies, horses, alpacas, cattle, and whatnot. Check it out now!

Receive Profitable Quote Online or Place an Offer To Make A Decent Earning

Whether you want to build up a flock or downsize your inventory, Farmtender is the place to look for. From finding piglets for sale to selling off your stock, this user-friendly platform grants access to a multitude of online buyers all over the country. Check out the ‘For Sale’ page for quality pigs for sale, or post your ad for free to find reliable buyers or sellers.

Additionally, you can also look for your specific need on the ‘Wanted ‘ listing page by simply posting an ad for free. And, wait for the sellers to track you down through your description and offer a decent quote.

No matter which option you opt for, Farmtender does not charge any surprise charges or ask for fees from buyers. We only impose a fixed minimum rate on the sellers once they make a successful sale- that’s it!

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