tCell™ Energy System. Retake control over your electricity.

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The tCell™ energy system will change everything you know about batteries and electricity. It's long life eliminates frequent costly battery replacement. The total cost of being off-grid can now be substantially less than remaining connected.

The tCell™ advantage:

* 20000 cycles or 25 calendar years, whichever comes first. Cycles are at 1C⁵, 100% DoD¹. A low maintenance industrial strength battery delivering low total lifetime cost.

A 20000 cycle life over 25 years is more than needed for a once day solar charging (9125 cycles). tCell™ gives you room for both power flexibility and redundancy. You can use the additional cycles for other things. If grid connected, halve the size of battery needed, and charge again each day with low cost off peak Grid power over night. With cycles to burn , and Grid connected, you can arbitrage, exporting to the Grid when power is expensive and buying when cheap. Still more cycles to use? You can add a wind turbine , or hydro , or better yet a fuel cell. This is the first battery with too many cycles. And never underestimate the importance of redundancy in electricity systems meant to last a long time: 25 years of solar usage for tCell™ is not even half consuming it, others will be completely exhausted.

A limited number of other batteries may claim 5000 or 10000 cycles at 80% (or other) DoD. Just makes 25 years , with gasping and wheezing. But that difference in DoD is important. This means that after the cycles quoted they will have 80% of their starting capacity if, IF, you only take energy out each cycle at the Dod% shown eg 80%. ie only use 80% to end at 80%! If the battery is advertised as 10kWH at 80% Dod you are only really getting 8kWh each day. Not so with tCell™, our 20000 cycles is at 100%DoD. If you can.

Additional benefits of tCell™:

* HIgher charge and discharge rates than most other lithium batteries. Oversize your solar panels to harvest energy on even low sun days. Also oversize gensets for the no-sun days: . this means they run for shorter periods, last many more calendar years (avoiding expensive replacement) and need less maintenance. Our standard continuous power ratings on tCell™ are typically higher than most others.. and we can amp them further if required if you're into muscle batteries.
* Works below freezing . No other lithium does this, especially for charging. Charge other lithium just once below 0 deg C and you probably will drastically shorten the life of your expensive lithium battery. You either have to disable charging on frosty mornings and overnight in winter, or provide , somehow , expensive heating.. tCell™ works normally to about minus 20. It is still ok to -50 though its voltage curves do change a little. You only need one freeze in 25 years for this to be critical .
* Self stacking. Unique tCell™ design means tCell™s stack and interlock together to scale to your needs reducing the need / cost of separate cabinets. Not to mention , shipping, handling and setup.
* No carbon anode. tCell™ uses proven lithium ion battery chemistry with one important modification that dramatically improves its performance. The usual carbon anode is replaced with lithium titanate (LTO). Lithium ion batteries don't have many problems in general, but most of what they do can be traced to their carbon anode and its long term structural integrity. Buy tCell™ and you get lithium titanate spinel nano crystals instead. Trumps carbon every time..

System 1: Code: FESS1. Price $8814 (ex GST)

Price is before STC credits. Example STC rebate of $4235² for our location (takes 3-6 months to receive) , leaving a net cost of $4579. Check for your own situation if applicable.

This system can be scaled much , much larger. Contact us via to explore further. Stack more solar, get more STC rebate.


1. tCell™ 2.5kWh, 108.7AH , 2.5kW (continuous) , 5kW (30min) , 23VDC battery. Includes 5 x 4.6VDC tCell™ and battery management system or BMS.
2. 8 kW A-grade CEC approved Solar PV Panels (ie you can claim STC rebate² in many situations, see below), 1 pallet. Brand may vary with shipment.
3. Power Conversion Equipment (PCE) : VIctron Multiplus 3kVA (continuous), 6kVA (0.5s) , 24V and 2 x 250/100MPPT³ solar charge controllers (combined 5.8kW output).
4. Full 5 year warranty on tCell™ and Victron, 1 year on solar panels. 25 year performance warranty on tCell™ and solar panels : to 80% of original capacity ( ≤20000 recharge cycles).

Not included:

1. PV Mounts. Make your own , source locally, or we can supply competitively priced ground mounts / screws. Contact us.
2. Any siteworks. Any storage (shed) for tCell™, PCE).
3. Installation by a CEC certified electrician. Please check accreditation as it must match installation: eg Grid connected, or off-grid to obtain STCs.. For our warranty cover to apply, must also include CEC battery accreditation.
4. Wiring (AC/DC wiring / isolators / combiners etc (to state CEC code/regulation). Electrician to supply these at local cost.
5. Freight.
6. GST

Strathmore Energy is a proudly country based business.


1. DoD = Depth of Discharge. tCell™ is rated at 100 DoD. All other batteries are also rated this way but rarely advertised this way.. they might show 80% or less. A low DoD usually gives more cycles.. but you get less battery... a 3kWh battery at 10000 cycles 80% Dod is really only only a 2.4kWh battery when compared to tCell™.
2. Calculate your STC credit here⁴ : . Example rebate calculation ($4235) shown for this system (8kW PV) for postcode 2866 for system installation date of April 15, 2020.
3. Off-grid ready Victron PCE included in this quotation. This system can be connected to the Grid and will supply power as a Grid backup , but cannot export excess energy back to the Grid. Victron PCE suitable for Grid export can also be supplied. Victron PCE can be stacked for larger capacity or 3 phase output. Max possible is 180kW 3phase. Contact us.
4. Strathmore Energy's responsibility in obtaining STCs is limited to supplying equipment conforming to CEC guidelines only. All other risk is yours. You must contract a CEC approved electrician who will issue the required documentation upon a successful installation. You must satisfy yourself that your installation can meet all of the regulations for obtaining STC rebates.
5. C = A/AH , Amps / Battery Capacity in Amp Hours.. so 1C for this battery means 108.7/108.7
6. tCell™ system offered here consists of 5 x 4.6V tCell™ (image of 1 x tCell™ shown) , mounting hardware to mount vertically in 5 high stack and interconnecting wires.. Each tCell™ is 209W x 220D x 142 H mm and weighs 9.5kg. Other configurations possible to fit available space, subject to wiring.
7. Background. We discovered LTO chemistry when solving the electricity needs for an ocean going sailboat. You can't get more off-grid than that.
Altairnano developed the chemistry in the 1990s for a US Navy contract. One of the few development efforts to alter, then replace the carbon anode. Most other development in the industry are changes are on the cathode eg NMC and LiFePO4 Alternano was bought out by Zhuhai Yinlong (ZHYLE) who are successfully using in fast charge , short haulk heavy load applications.. eg buses in Beijing. Also very cold in winter, a key limitation of lithium ion usually. There are others working with this chemistry, but for now, mainly in the EV market eg Toshiba and its SCiB battery.
We believe this development is an important branch, but that the real opportunity for this chemistry are applications that are remote or alternative to high Grid electricity rates. We've packaged the raw cell stock from ZHYLE for easy shipping/scalability plus integrated an outstanding European BMS. ZHYLE's manufacturing economies of scale together with our manufacturing and supply chain expertise mean we can deliver tCell™ in many cases with a lifetime cost on par with the kwH cost of the worlds best electricity grids (free market , non subsidised). Far better than Australian Grid. We'd be happy to convince you, with US NREL developed modelling software to analyse your situation.

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tCell™ Energy System.  Retake control over your electricity.
  • tCell™ Energy System.  Retake control over your electricity.
  • tCell™ Energy System.  Retake control over your electricity.
  • tCell™ Energy System.  Retake control over your electricity.


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