Maremma Pups

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Guardian companion, Maremma
These guardian dogs are just the best, naturally friendly and non aggressive by nature yet extremely protective when it perceives a threat to those it is bonded to, its family.
It protects by getting between the perceived threat and those it is protecting rather than immediately going on the attack and with its thick coat they look formidable when aroused this is normally enough to prevent any threat escalating into real danger, and as the threat subsides they calm back down.
Maremma are very capable dogs but smart enough to be happy with successively protecting their charges be it penguins, livestock or people and property
This behaviour is what makes them such excellent guardian companions as you can have peace of mind about their behaviour when you are exercising them or leave them on guard duty
So if you go out exercising, running or walking and have been thinking of protecting yourself this is the breed for you. Big enough to be the perfect protection but not stroppy and uncontrollable.
These dogs like lots of exercise and unless you are prepared to give them this please consider a lazier breed.
Adult weight 22- 28 kg life span about 10 - 12 years perhaps longer if you don't succumb and over feed like some do
All our adults are working dogs protecting our farm and animals 275kms west of Brisbane but we do deliver free of charge for pick up from our home in Brisbane and can arrange shipment around Australia by plane or courier at buyers expense
All pups are Micro Chipped in your name and Vaccinated against Canine parvo virus when 8 weeks old, and weaned.
We currently have male and females ready for delivery from $750
If you are a sheep Farmer win a wild dog problem inquire about the special discount when you buy 2 or more at the same time of our purebred Maremma's
My PIC no. is QECC 0621
CRM No. 0202498
Due to limited vision please do not email
please phone me on my personal mobile

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Maremma Pups
  • Maremma Pups
  • Maremma Pups
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