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24 Must Have Farming Equipment for Your Small Farm

You know that being a farmer, shopping for farm equipment sounds like a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. With so many options available and a limited budget, it can be tough trying to figure out what you need to buy.

Take a look at this list of the farm equipment that you can use to maintain your farm more efficiently. Hopefully, some of the following machinery will end up on your list of things to buy.


1. Tractor

Tractors are available in many different sizes and they are highly versatile pieces of farm equipment. Certainly, you'll want to choose the one which has just the right amount of horsepower and the right hitch rating for the work that you are planning to use it for. A two-wheeled tractor - known as a walk-behind tractor, can be used along with the range of attachments, including a hay baler, a rototiller, seeder, wagon, bed shaper, and more.



All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTV) are really fun pieces of equipment to own and they are also really useful. If you have a big farm, they will save you a lot of time so that you don't have to walk everywhere. You can also use them to haul the harvest or other equipment. They can be used to tow small trailers and are available with many options for attachments.


3. Farm Truck

Every farmer should have a truck. Whether you need to make long trips, pull a trailer or drive it through your fields, there is a model available for you.


4. Wagon

A farm wagon is the perfect solution for moving hay.


5. Mowers

Choose from a push-behind mower, a riding mower, a zero-turn mower, a belly-mounted mower or a pull-behind mower for keeping up with the maintenance of your lawn or pastures. If you are making hay, you might want a sickle-bar mower, a drum mower, or a disc mower. For large areas, there are brush mowers, batwing mowers and flail mowers to consider for your collection of farm equipment.


6. Backhoe

If you need tools for digging holes, invest in a backhoe. Backhoes are available as separate hydraulic implements for different types of tractors.


7. Plastic Mulch Layer

A plastic mulch layer attachment for your tractor is a must have item if your farm utilizes plasticulture growing methods.


8. Sprayers

Sprayers are used to apply compost tea, herbicides and pesticides.


9. Irrigation System

Your crops aren't going to grow well without a constant supply of water. You can choose an irrigation system as simple as a soaker hose or as complicated as a multi-level drip-irrigation system to water your crops.


10. Scythe

Scythes are one of the oldest pieces of farm equipment and can still be useful for small-scale farmers. While it is not as efficient as a mower, it could still be useful for cutting high grasses and shrubs.


11. Sickle

Sickle is a hand-held cutting tool used for harvesting or mowing and can be useful in small applications.


12. Rakes

Rakes are essential if you're making hay and come in several different types, including wheel rakes, parallel-bar rakes, rotary rates, and belt rakes.


13. Balers

There are three types of hay balers: square balers, round balers, and large square balers.


14. Combine or Harvester

Grain farmers absolutely need to own combines for harvesting their crops because they are the most efficient tools for getting the crops out of the field.


15. Manure Spreader

A manure spreader is extremely useful on a horse farm. However, you should also make sure to read up on manure-spreading techniques so that you can avoid the spread of parasites or pollution as a result of manure runoff.


16. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants in water instead of using soil. This will allow you to grow a lot of food using less water than soil-cultivated gardens. You can grow crops indoors, as well.


17. Seed Drills

Seed drills are tractor attachments that are used to insert seeds into the ground while minimizing soil disturbance. No-till drips are designed to cut through existing crop residue in order to create a path for planting new seeds.


18. Front-End Loader

Front-end loaders are useful for attaching to your tracker for digging, moving bulky items, and lifting heavy items.


19. Cultivator

Cultivators are used for soil cultivation in order to prepare a seed bed or for weed control before planting into a bed.


20. Cultipacker

Cultipackers are designed to be pulled by tractors in order to strengthen seedbeds before seeding so that the planting can be done with good seed-to-soil contact.


21. Plows

Plows come in many different styles and you'll probably need a combination of few to meet the needs of your farming operations. Choose from moldboard plows, chisel plows, and disk plows depending on the type of crop production that you are going for, the soil type, and the condition of your land.


22. Harrow

Harrows are designed to be pulled behind a tractor or ATV in order to level the soil surface.


23. Broadcast Seeder

Broadcast seeders come in all shapes and are designed to distribute seeds across a specific area. You can use them to plant cover crops, forages, and grasses.


24. Transplanter

Transplanters are available in tractor-pulled and hand-held options to satisfy your farming requirements. There are different models which make use of foot action or hand action to activate the lever inside the transplanter which allows the plant to be dropped right into the hole dug by this tool.


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