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Look For Maremma Dogs and Puppies For Sale in an Australia-wide Network

Looking for a guardian angel for your farm? Nothing can be more impressive and adorable than Maremma sheepdogs.

Search for Maremma dogs and puppies anywhere in Australia including regions like NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, or others at Farmtender. We bring forth a quality breed of farm dogs from all across the country without letting you put much effort.

Step into the world of incredibly charming, active, and healthy breeds of farm dogs and puppies at Farmtender. Either post a free ad for a specific breed on our ‘Wanted’ listing page or pick one from our ‘For Sale’ page and make a quote to contact the sellers. Worry not, we don't charge a penny from the buyers!

Protect You Farm By Bringing In Best Quality Maremma Dogs and Puppies

Maremma dogs have a common ancestry with other Eastern European livestock guardian dogs. The existence of the Maremma can be traced back to ancient Roman times and was originally bred in Italy. Though these dogs are known by various other names, other than ‘Maremma’, they boast certain unique features that make them a great fit for livestock monitoring.

Maremma dogs are the best fit for farm jobs as they are naturally devoted to working and are great at protecting cattle. Training these cute beasts is a real challenge as they mostly prefer staying aloof and independent. Though they are calm, they can be alarmingly nuisance barkers when they detect strangers, suspiciously odd noises, or anything unusual.

Farmtemder extends quality bred Maremma dogs and puppies for sale that are healthy and vaxxed. Check out other options for farm dogs for sale that include Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dogs, Jack Russell, Australian Shepherd, Stag Hound, Koolie, Kelpie, and others.

Find New Home for Your Adult Maremma Dogs at Farmtender

Finding it hard to maintain your farm dogs? Or, want to give away liters of puppies to someone who would care for them? We can help you find a trusted home for your pups.

Post an ad for free and wait to receive online quotes. We ensure trustworthy, reliable, and compassionate foster homes for your adult dogs and puppies. We only ask for a minimal price after a successful sale- that’s it.

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