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Among various breeds of dogs, Australian Koolie is a perfect herding dog that possesses a natural instinct to circle and guard a herd of sheep. But finding a quality breed of Koolie dogs and puppies in Australia is a tedious task. Hence, Farmtender is here to make your search easy and simple with quality listings of Koolie dogs and puppies for sale.

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Koolies are known for their upright temperament, silent attitude, excellent stamina, and endurance. Depending upon the breeders and physical condition the price of Koolie dogs and puppies may range between $500 to $1500. The fact that these are incredibly efficient farm dogs and family dogs, makes these animals superbly demanding in Australia.

Farmtender makes online selling and buying of Koolie dogs and puppies effortless. Our sleek and seamless interface ensures a common platform for both buyers and sellers.

Scroll through our listings on the ‘For Sale’ page for Koolie dogs and puppies for sale and offer a price online to get in touch with reliable suppliers. Finding a specific type is also not difficult here at Farmtender. Post a free ad on our ‘Wanted’ listing page and wait until the supplier reaches out to you with a quoted price.

Moreover, it's even easy to find a home for a litter of Koolie pups at Farmtender. Post an ad for free at our “For Sale’ page and wait to receive a quote online. The bonus is we ensure a safe house for your dogs and pups, and also guarantee no added cost or expense on your transaction. Just pay a minimum price only after you are done selling your dogs or puppies- that’s it.

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From NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and Melbourne to Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, our Australia-wide network covers a wide extent of buyers and sellers no matter where they are situated. Additionally, our easy search technique provides an effective virtual meeting place to find out your desired need for not only Koolie dogs and puppies, but also Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dogs, Maremma Sheep Dogs, Jack Russell, Australian Shepherd, Stag Hound, Kelpie, and other breeds.

From finding healthy and vaxxed male and female Koolie dogs and puppies for sale to other livestock, we have everything to meet your farm needs.

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