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This weeks Farm Tender Newsletter

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 06, 2017

Decision Time

As the Spring season cuts off in many areas, it's without doubt decision time for many. Whether to cut the crop for hay instead of grain or to sell those lambs early before they dry off or just quit those steers to save valuable feed for breeding stock. It could be that you decide to water early to save that pasture or buy in enough Hay now to get you through Summer while the price is still low. It might be a decision to sell that silo of Barley for cash flow reasons. Give some careful thought to the decisions you are going to make, but don't procrastinate. Your decision will be the right one in the end

The Grand Final Ticket story
Last week we had the situation where a good client, friend and fellow Richmond supporter couldn't find a ticket for his mate, so he rang me and asked to put a wanted ad on Farm Tender. I thought about it and wouldn't usually say no to list non Ag items, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so we did. Well low and behold another good client from SA was sitting in his Hotel room in Melbourne and saw the ad and agreed to part with it for $2000 cash as he was a Port Adelaide supporter and hated the Adelaide Crows anyway. The excited Richmond supporter jumped at it and the rest is history. What a win......

What's Hot
Hay sales were strong last week but didn't dominate the spreadsheets like we thought it would. However, there is a distinct demand for Hay ATM which is helping to clear stocks for some. If you are a keen seller of old or new season Hay then keep in touch with the sales guys as you may have a listing that is down the line a bit or you might want to adjust the price. On the Grain side, we had a big run selling Oats yesterday. On the Machinery side, we sold a few "under $50k" Headers, Mower Conditioners and Macerators where also popular selling items. See what sold here

"Prime" Specials of the week
Raleigh and I have been doing the rounds at the field days and have many more items to add to the "Prime" Specials list in the coming week or so. Here are some of the best from last week
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