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By Dwain Duxson

See here our fortnightly Hay Report.

The week just gone was one of our biggest weeks for sales where Machinery and Equipment dominated the spreadsheets. We have had bigger weeks where Hay was the primary seller, but that seems like many moons ago.

There are plenty of positives and the insatiable demand for all things Agriculture is, on the whole, a good thing, but we are starting to see cracks appear in the supply chain. These cracks are for the things Farmers buy most. Eg, Fertiliser, Chemical, Machinery and Equipment, Parts, and some say it might be hard to get Diesel come Harvest time.

We have talked about Labour in the past, and my brother just told me that his usual Shearers cannot do his Shearing in two weeks time and is now being forced to look outside the group of Shearers that have been doing his flock for 15 years plus. Lack of Shearers is an issue for many.

On the Parts side of things, one customer is deliberately purchasing an older Case 2388 Header to accompany his more modern Header this Harvest because he said it will be easier to source parts for the older model than the new one.

The trends for the week on the Machinery and Equipment front were Field Bins (we sold about 20 for the week), Fuel Tanks, Tipper Trailers, Self Propelled Windrowers, Air Seeders (Croppers getting in early), Mower Conditioners, Tractors, Balers, Rakes, the list goes on.

Mike sold this set of 2011 Lusty EMS B-Double Tippers for the listed price.


See below what the sales guys said below.


Mike said - Plenty happening saleswise. There are a few forward-thinking Farmers looking towards Planting and inquiring on Air Seeders for next year. Plenty of inquiry re Harvest Gear. Harvest is underway on the Darling Downs, but rainfall has brought it to a halt in places. I hear yields may be a bit of a mixed bag in that area.


Paul said - With plenty of Hay on the ground and Headers getting ready for the upcoming Harvest, there is plenty going on. We are still seeing Harvest related gear being favoured in the enquiry stakes. The interest in Hay making gear has lifted, with plenty of people in full swing of their Hay programs. With a bit of rain around, it will be interesting to see the quality of the new season Hay, as there are plenty of mouths worth feeding. 


When you do the maths and break it down, it seems Producers can afford to feed top-line inputs and convert them into KG's, which equals $$$ and is something that hasn't been as viable in the past. 


Shane said - I hear that there has been some frost damage down in the Southern Wimmera. What's affected is an unknown as it only just occurred the past two mornings. But a few are saying that it could be significant in affecting the yield potential. 


Also, another issue has arisen recently: there may also be a shortage of Diesel heading into Harvest. It might only be an isolated problem and hopefully short term but wouldn't be ideal. It's caused a rush on Diesel tanks selling. 




On the Grain front, we sold some Feed Field Peas for $345 a tonne, a good parcel for Triticale for $230 a tonne, and Barley for $300 a tonne. All prices are Ex Farm.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.

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