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Total 40 listings

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Buy and Sell New & Second Hand Hay Rake for Sale All Over Australia

Whether small or large farms, choosing the right hay rake is a daunting task. Are you in need of one? Then check out Farm Tender to make a sensible investment for boosting your farm production.

The platform offers easy buying and selling all across the country. No matter where you are situated, be it Victoria, NSW, SA, or any other region, Farm Tender extends a wide online marketplace with reliable and trustworthy sellers.

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If you have a farm, you would possibly understand how a windrow is made. And, hence having a hay rake is a must for those engaged in agricultural businesses.

Hay rake makes the work of the baler simpler by ensuring easy pick up of hay by raking them into windrows. Additionally, there are a few more reasons as well.

Hay rake fluffs and flips the hay for faster drying and ensures reduced chances of missing out on hay bales. Besides, it also provides consistently denser bales in fewer passes across the field.

Hay rake comes in three main types: parallel bar, rotary, and wheel rakes. PTO drive rakes are capable of handling heavy and wet bales with ease. If you are out in the market for quality reconditioned hay rakes for sale, then Farm Tender is the one-stop to go.

We here provide hay rakes from some of the leading brands like Massey Ferguson, Elsworth, Fella, Krone, John Shearer, Claas, Kuhn, and many more at the best affordable price.

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Whether stocking up or getting rid of used hay rake, Farm Tender offers a user-friendly platform to both sell and buy required farm equipment. Add a free listing on our ‘For Sale’ page and receive quotes online.

You can not only browse through the Sale page listings to get what you are looking for, but you can also post an ad on the ‘Wanted listing’ page. Sellers would track you through your description and will get in touch with an offer.

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Farm Tender provides a fast and simple sale with quick results that have made it possible to provide successful sales worth $25,000,000. Our seamless assistance has helped us build a family of over 56,000 members and we look forward to extending it in coming years.

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