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Find New and Used Air Seeders for Sale Throughout Australia

Are you looking for an air seeder that can take care of all your seeding needs? Then check out Farm Tender for both new and used air seeders for sale. The network of reliable dealers from all around Australia offers a wide online market range. Be it Queensland, Victoria, NSW, SA, or WA, no matter where you are located, Farm Tender has got you covered.

Browse Through a Range of Air Seeders for Sale at Farm Tender

Being in an agricultural business makes you deal with a wide variety of tasks. Seeding is one of those tasks that can offer you the real challenge of handling huge farms.

When discussing agricultural business, then obviously it's not just about farming in your backyard garden. Hence, seeding is not an easy thing to manage for acres of land. That’s when an air seeder can help you get the work done in just a few hours.

An air seeder is a heavy-duty machine that makes seeding quicker without tilling the soil. It's a combination of seed rollers and fans that allows even dispersion of seeds, thereby preventing over sowing and dependence on many tillage machines.

Farm Tender offers you quality reconditioned air seeders from renowned brands like John Deere, Gyral, Gason, Flexicoil, Horwood Bagshaw, Amazone, Morris, Simplicity, Seed Hawk, DBS, Bourgault, and many others. The price range of quality air seeder varies upto almost $300,000. Farm Tenders ensures a seamless search of both new and used air seeders for sale at the best affordable price.

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It's simple and easy to find whatever you are looking for at Farm Tender. Just browse through the listings on the ‘For Sale’ page, make a quote, and get the contact details of the seller to make the sale happen.

The most amazing thing, you can both buy and sell through our website. Post an ad on our ‘Wanted listing’ page- sellers will track you through your description and will get in touch with you.

Moreover, it's free to list and no surprise charges are imposed on the buyer. We will ask for a minimum amount after every sale from the seller.

It's that simple! And, that is why we have been able to make successful sales worth $25,000,000 and a family of over 58,000 members.

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