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New and Used Lawn Mowers for Sale in Australia

Whether it is a zero-turn, push, or ride-on lawnmower or trimmers for sale, most farmers and lawn owners will require some kind of mower at any point in their lives.

So, when it comes to keeping the hassle out of finding the best new or used lawn mowers in Australia, the Farm Tender is a good place to go.

No matter if you are located in Tasmania, NSW, Victoria, and Sydney, our Australia-wide network allows you to buy and sell farm machinery seamlessly.

Exploring the Range of Lawn Mowers for Sale

Home to premium and technologically advanced farm tools and machinery, Farm Tender stocks a range of lawnmowers from Kubota, Toro Groundsmaster, Husqvarna, Rover, John Deere, Gianni Ferrari, Ferris, and other top zero turn mower brands as well. But before you explore our branded lawn mower listing do check out John Deere Ride on mowers price list for better clarity about their product specification and price points.

Our listing offers petrol, diesel, and even battery-powered mowers for sale to make your lawn maintenance as quick and efficient as possible. As per the current market trend, the average price of reel mowers, walk-behind mowers, riding mowers, and robot lawn mowers are around $100, $350, $2500, and $1500 respectively.

Buying and selling on Farm Tender is easy. Just browse through our listing for the extensive range of lawnmowers. That includes a self-propelled lawnmower, rotary lawnmower, petrol-powered drum mower, hover mower, ride on mowers, and zero turn mowers for sale.

And find the right machine according to your turf and mowing needs. Place an offer from the website and get the buying details in no time.

Besides, you can also create a “Wanted listing” for a certain machine and let sellers connect you with the best offer.

Get Ready for Effortless Buying and Selling of All Farm Essentials Online

A dedicated platform of over 58,000 farmer members that offers unique “purchase and sale services” for farm stuff, Farm Tender offers a simple way of advertising and has successfully generated sales worth $25,000,000.

Join our team of happy sellers and dealers by listing for free and paying a minimum charge for selling on the website.

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