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Cropsure Crop Treatment For Sale,

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“To our knowledge no other product on the
market can produce increases in these three
indicator compounds within the host plant
identifying a broad range of resistance to
multiple types of pathogens. Generally
most other commercial resistance
based products show an increase
in only one of these compounds”.

The team at Cropping Solutions are very proud of their
innovative new foliage spray Cropsure and are so confident
in its specialist ability, they believe it is set to change the way
the average grower manages the health of their commercial
crop, ensuring more growers obtain positive balance sheet
The Plant Health Regulators (PHR) in Cropsure enhance the plant’s
ability to defend itself against a broad range of different pathogens
known as Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), Local Acquired
Resistance (LAR) and Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR).
During trials with Cropsure, increases in the activity of a range
of different compounds used by plants as defence mechanisms
were noted.
Significant activity enhancement in phenylalanine ammonia-lyase
and peroxidase with increases of 300%, and 1,3 glucanase activity
in excess of 350%.
The multifunctional active constituents of this product are various
polysaccharides and enzymes.

‣‣Effective for use on a wide range of crops.
‣‣Systemic action
‣‣Only one application per month for total control
‣‣Continued protection for up to 1 month
‣‣Fewer applications reduces total costs for the season
‣‣Reduces labour and fuel costs with reduced application
‣‣Provides stimulation to both subterranean and aerial portions
of the crop
‣‣Stimulates an increase in root bio-mass through increased
endogenous Auxin levels
Shake well before use. Mix Cropsure A+B with clean water and
spray fruit, flowers, leaves and stems directly.
Do not combine with other products.
Do not adjust pH of the diluted solution.
If pH adjustment is needed, adjust starting water, prior to dilution.
Apply the first application 10 days prior to perceived crop infection.
Pre-mixed with a non-ionic wetting agent.
Application Rate ‣ 250-500ml Cropsure A+B/Ha
Application Rate ‣ 750ml-5L Cropsure A+B/Ha
Dilution ‣ 1:100-1:200
Application Frequency ‣ Apply once every 21-28 days

Only one application of Cropsure is needed every 21-28 days to
maintain the maximum defence capability of the crop depending
on environmental pressure.
Cropsure works such that foliar applications provide notable
enhancement in the root system’s defence capability in addition to
enhancement in aerial portions of the plant that have direct contact
with Cropsure active ingredients at time of application.
After the first application, it will take up to 10 days to elicit the
complete spectrum of plant defence responses for maximum
protection. Therefore it is advised to time the first application at
least 10 days prior to perceived infection.
Cropsure also contains a non-ionic surfactant and wetting agent.
It is ready to dilute and apply as supplied and should not be
combined with other chemicals, nutrients, or have the pH adjusted
after dilution.
Cropsure will enhance the crop’s capability to use its own defence
mechanisms more efficiently in a similar way as vaccination
against pathogenic fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Please inquire through Farm Tender for More information and Pricing

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Cropsure Crop Treatment For Sale
  • Cropsure Crop Treatment For Sale
  • Cropsure Crop Treatment For Sale


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