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Smaller yarding and no real evident trends at Bendigo

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jan 21, 2020

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Yarding - 15,000 (-5000).
Lambs - 9000 (-1000).
Sheep - 6000 (-4000).

Smaller yarding of both lambs and sheep despite no sale next Monday due to the Australia Day public holiday. Again the lamb yarding was very mixed, offering some very good shorn lambs off feed alongside a lot of plainer types lacking finish and fat cover due to the season. Three major export processors didn't purchase, and competition was generally stronger across the medium domestic and lighter weight lambs. Price results varied on lamb weight and quality as bidding did fluctuate across the sale. There was little carcase price change on the extra heavy lambs over 30kg cwt. Dearer results were evident for the pick of the domestic lambs sized around 22 to 24kg cwt, and for small processing lambs weighing from 12 to 16kg cwt.

The sale reached a top of $260, $20/head better than a week ago but on more weight at an estimated 36kg carcase. The heaviest export lambs made from $210 to $240/head, to record a similar carcase average to last sale at 715c/kg cwt. The better presented heavy trade weight lambs, 24 to 26kg, sold from $175 to $210/head at an estimated 740c to 760c/kg cwt. Competition did intensify over the nearest medium trades in short skins which pushed towards 800c/kg cwt at $178 to $196/head. There was still a lot of plainer lambs weighing from18 to 21kg cwt and lacking finish which continued to sell from $140 to $160/head. Demand for ideally weighted MK processing lambs was stronger, with these small lambs making from $105 to $125/head to average close to 800c/kg cwt.

Sheep numbers tightened again and there were less good lines of crossbred and Merino mutton available to buyers. Two exporters had some bidding wars for heavy crossbred ewes, pushing prices to $259 or up to $35/head dearer than a week ago. But this dearer trend wasn't evident across every pen lot and their bidding duels, observed by other buyers, did distort the market at times. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $170 to a top of $259; heavy crossbred ewes sold from $160 to $190 and big Merino wethers sold to $222/head. Good runs of mutton were estimated at making from 570c to 620c/kg cwt.

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