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Great success is at your finger tips

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Feb 17, 2020

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By Robbie Sefton - Chairperson at Panel for the Independent Assessment of Social And Economic Conditions in The Basin

JAN Logan’s success story is an inspiration to all Australians; not just those from the regions.

Just like other accomplished entrepreneurs, an abundance of self-motivation, passion and creativity underscored Jan’s risk-taking journey, in creating an iconic and globally recognised Australian luxury jewellery brand and business.

Who would have thought a girl from the bush could go on and shine so brightly on the national and international stage?

It shows you can become anything you want, by working hard and backing your talents.

Born into a farming family at Narrabri in north-west New South Wales, Jan spent time at school in Sydney before returning to the country, raising three sons with farming husband John Logan.

Undoubtedly, and like many others, her business prowess was boosted by the practical knowledge and hands-on skills she gained while living and working in the country, where she learned to rely on her own resources to find practical solutions to everyday problems.

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Before arriving in Sydney to open-up her first store in Double Bay in 1989, Jan was already laying the foundations for future success.

She part-owned a jewellery business in Narrabri and traveled throughout regional NSW and Queensland, showcasing her products to develop a loyal customer network and relationships that still yield sales today.

A statue honouring her achievements and 30-year journey is yet to be erected in Narrabri or Double Bay – but one is already dedicated to someone else who also pursued their dreams and passions, in similar style.

A bronze statue stands proudly on display at Tom Perry Park on the Mitchell Highway at Narromine, to acknowledge Glenn McGrath’s giant cricketing deeds achieved while operating for many years as the jewel in the crown of Australia’s world-beating, fast-bowling attack.

Glenn was educated at Narromine Public School and practiced his bowling skills by taking aim at a fuel drum that stood against his dad’s machinery shed in Narromine.

Similarly, Sir Donald Bradman developed his legendary batting technique, which dominated world cricket like no other, by throwing a golf ball against the base of a water tank stand at his childhood home in Bowral, New South Wales.

While some had doubts early on, Glenn McGrath’s seemingly unshakable self-belief in his cricketing prowess, and appetite for hard work and improvement, helped him defy critics to live his dreams and become an all-time great.

And it’s not just country cricketers, other athletes and business leaders who are performing great feats that make others proud to say they’re also from the bush.

It’s happening in any number of fields of private and public endeavour, including science, health, education and community leadership.

These stories serve to remind and inspire and country kids and adults that they too can advance their talents and go on to achieve great and far-reaching success, if they also dare to dream.

Robbie Sefton has a dual investment in rural Australia as a farmer, producing wool, meat and grains, and as managing director of national marketing communications company Seftons.

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