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By Dwain Duxson

We hope you had a great Easter. 


Easter can be a bit of a momentum shifter as far as sales are concerned, but when it's all said and done, it's only 4 days, and things bounced back really hard yesterday. Plus, enquiry over the Easter period was really solid. It's certainly a much better period than the Christmas/New Year period, where it really takes a while to get things back to normal. 


But most people got a bit of a break, and that's great. 


And what about the rain? Parts of SA, Vic, NSW and Tassie officially had their Autumn break, with falls of between 1 and 2 inches common. Bring on the Grass Growing and Crop Planting.


See the latest Hay Report here


So the trends for the last week include all types of Seed, Urea, Airseeders still, Tractors, Combines, Ewes, Prime Movers, Spreaders, Groupers, Cattle Handling Gear, Sprayers and GPS Equipment


With the trends going forward, we are going to include everything, not just Machinery and Equipment.


It's an active time to get last-minute Seed requirements. Canola Seed made $31.95 a kg, Barley Seed sold for $370 a tonne, Vetch Seed sold from $700 to $750 a tonne (Popany $1000 a tonne), new variety Field Pea Seed made $850 a tonne, Soft Leaf Cocksfoot made $8 a kg, and Italian Ryegrass made $2.55 a kg.


All prices are Ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - With the Cropping season heading into full swing, we still see last-minute purchases happening. Seeders, Seed and Silos are still being looked at as well as other items. We also hear that there is some demand for Straw in the Northern States with not much left around after the floods and mice damage.


Paul said - This week, we have seen more Machinery being listed, enquired on, and sold at a decent rate of knots. With the break coming for many over Easter break, Cropping will now fire up. We have also seen Seed becoming more popular, and we saw a slight rise in Hay enquiries. 


Things are cruising along fairly steadily with the forementioned rain looking to set up a good start. Here's hoping we can jag a follow up after soon.


Mike said -  Mike is on leave this week.


See a bit of a snapshot of 5 Machinery and Equipment items that sold this week below:

1 - Paul sold this 2014 Case IH 235 Magnum with FEL and re-mapped to 295hp for $4k below the listed price

2 - Shane sold this 2016 AD230 Agrodrill Combine with Roller for $1k below the listed price

3 - Mike sold 1 set of these Case IH 8120-8250 Header Tracks for the listed price

4 - Shane sold this 40ft FlexiCoil ST820 Bar with a FlexiCoil 1720 Cart for $3k below the listed price

5 - Mike sold this 1999 Western Star 7564 F Prime Mover for $3k below the listed price

Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.


End of message.