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By Dwain Duxson

We, at Farm Tender just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a great Easter ahead.

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It's been an interesting week.


Shane spoke to a Farmer who ordered a new Header and recently received it but won't get the Front he ordered at the same time until next season. This means that not everything is bought as a single unit (Header and Front together), and in isolation, one won't run without the other. That's a problem for the Farmer.


We are also seeing this play out with used Machinery. Like never before, we have seen the splitting of Air Seeders, where somebody will only require the Bar or the Cart. Many are also selling Carts or Bars on their own because they have retained either one of the two. There are going to be a lot of different Bar/Cart brand combinations around this year.


The Tillage and Seeding buy up this season has been amazing to watch. Farmers want all the tools placed in the toolbox. I think more than ever, Farmers will treat every paddock differently. For example, we might disc that one over there, drill straight into that one and that one over there it won't be cost-effective to do a pre emerging spray because we will need to cut it before the resistant Ryegrass seeds. There are lots of decisions being made out there.


The trends for Machinery and Equipment for the 7 days just gone include Prime Movers, Farm Trucks, Air Seeders (still), Presswheels, Groupers, SP Sprayers, Tractors, Spreaders and Diesel Tanks.


The sales guys are enjoying accomodating the Livestock side of things with our change of direction. They are picking some good sales up as well.


On the Seed front, we see Oats sell between $450 and $600 a tonne, and Vetch Seed sell for prices between $650 and $800 a tonne.


On the bulk Grain front Barley sold for up to $330 a tonne, Lupins up to $415 a tonne, and Almond Hulls at $35 a tonne for a 500 tonne parcel. 


All prices are Ex Farm


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - A busy couple of weeks with Cropping gear and Seed taking up a lot of our time. We are hearing that a lot of new Machinery ordered for this year's Cropping, and the coming Harvest has not arrived and won't be available until the following year. So buyers are running around madly trying to source something to stopgap to get them through this year. Have a great Easter all, and fingers crossed that the rain comes to you when you want it.


Paul said - We are noticing a lift in Livestock enquiries and listings as people are cashing in on the 1.5% commission rate. With the website reaching all over the country, it seems the exposure these ads receive is definitely a boost in the arm and helps to get results. 


Machinery enquiries have remained pretty steady, with most people gearing up for Cropping and some early birds already into it. All the best for the Easter Break. 


Mike said -  A mixed bag with sales this week. There seems to be a lot of interest in Self Propelled Spray Rigs with low hours, especially in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.


There has been a lot of last-minute Seed purchases. Air Carts and Bars have gone off the boil a bit. It's almost too late for them now. There is still a lot of inquiry on good Tractors. Diesel Fuel Tanks, whether they be permanent or mobile, are still very popular. Some of the bigger contractors are looking at the big 3000L trailing tanks.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.