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By Dwain Duxson

See here last week's Hay Report.

What did we notice in the last week?


Well, not a great deal of change from the previous week. Tillage and Seeding gear is still dominating, and Farmers are still getting Seed organised for planting. There has been some Hay moving which we will cover off in the Hay Report next week.


We have never sold so many Discs for Tillage purposes. It's been a real trend this year, and as I have mentioned previously, Farmers are not locking themselves into systems these days. Once upon a time, you did no-till, and you were strictly only doing one pass, not burning and not running Livestock, and some still stick to that. But many have added tillage, burning and Livestock, so they have opted to run their own system that suits their own programs.


The purchase of Discs also might be related to the current price of Chemical.


The trends for Machinery and Equipment for the last 7 days include Air Seeders, Bars or Carts on their own, Augers and Shifters, Deep Rippers, Discs, Spreaders and Earthmoving Equipment is gaining popularity with Farmers.


On the Seed front, we are seeing Oats sell between $500 and $600 a tonne, Vetch Seed prices have risen a little as we saw prices of $725 and $730 a tonne sell. Moby Barley Seed made $600 a tonne.


On the bulk Grain front Beans sold for up to $500 a tonne, Lupins up to $425 a tonne, Sorghum up to $340 a tonne and Jumbo Lentils up to $825 a tonne


All prices are Ex Farm


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - It has been a busy week on Air Seeder Bars and Carts with most listings not lasting long and then moving to the next available one. Press Wheels are increasingly getting hard to get hold of. 


Seed, Hay, Lupins and Lentils have been selling with more inquiries, and this is good news for the sellers moving forward.


Paul said - We are still getting a lot of interest in Machinery. We are also listing quite a few quality Machines, which is good to see. There could be a point where we have a lot more going off the site than coming on, but at least for now, things seem to be reasonably square. 


We are seeing and hearing everyone gearing up for Cropping, which has really come around quick. Here's hoping that everyone gets the necessary weather they need to ensure another good season.


Mike said - Sales this week are planting related, Tractors, Air Seeders, Combines, Groupers and Seed. In some areas, planting is in full swing. In other areas, it's too wet to even start.


We are hearing reports that a lot of Australian made Equipment is now out to 18 months for delivery. Also, the overseas delivery periods have blown out due to a lot of parts not being available, Ships stuck in ports, etc.


We are still in Charleville this week but will be moving on to Tambo this weekend (it was 40 years ago I jackaroo in the Tambo district, some of my best memories). If anyone wants to get in touch, give me a bell. 


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.