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By Dwain Duxson

Check out the latest Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night

I want to take this opportunity to wish our Customer Relationship staff member Jackie Elliott all the best for her wedding this weekend. Jackie will be on leave for the next 3 weeks. Good luck, Jackie and Dan.

We have had a personnel change in the last week. Jack Henshaw is no longer with us. Jack headed up our Livestock Exchange. We will look to make a replacement in time, but want to tweak the model a little. We wish Jack all the best going forward. More to come...

Don't forget we have our 10-years in business celebration competition which ends at midnight on the 31st of March. If you list anything in the month of March you go into the draw to win a series of prizes. If you list 5 items on Farm Tender, you go into the draw 5 times.

It's been another strong week for sales of Machinery and Equipment. But in saying that, if we had more to sell, we would be selling more. So our issues are no different to anyone else. 


Demand for some things like Tipper Trailers, Chaser Bins, Prickle and Disc Chains outweighs the supply 10 fold. If they do come up, they are priced according to that demand and are more than likely snapped up in an instant.


If you miss out on buying something, then make sure you put up a wanted listing.


The trends for the 7 days just gone include Tillage Discs, Groupers, Air Seeder (including Bars and Carts on their own), Tractors with FEL's, Disc Seeders, Combines, Weighbridges, and Sprayers.


It's an exciting time to be in the Grains industry. Many Farmers still have stocks on hand and are ready to pull the trigger as far as selling is concerned. I reckon some might be waiting for June 30 to tick over first.


Seed was very popular, with Vetch Seed selling for $625 to $750 a tonne, Popany Vetch Seed selling for $1810 a tonne, Moby Barley Seed selling for $600 and $650 a tonne, and Field Pea Seed for $580 a tonne.


As for Bulk Grain, Lupins sold for $465 a tonne and Faba Bean $440 a tonne.


All prices are ex Farm


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Still seeing last-minute purchases of Machinery and Seed as we head into Cropping. I have also noticed we seem to selling more Prickle Chains / Speed Tillers / Off Set Discs and Scarifier type products than I've seen ever. This may be because of the costs of Machinery, inputs or some just going back to the more traditional way of preparing their ground, but they are not lasting long from the time they are advertised.


Paul said - There seems to be a scattergun approach to interest in Machinery with all things taking their turn in garnishing interest. Cropping seems to be the more popular line of enquiry, with all things being a real chance of shifting if priced right. With New Machinery delivery dates being pushed back, there still seem to be options, but these sought-after items aren't sitting idle for long. 


Mike said - Preparation is well underway for this year's Sowing season, where everyone is keeping an eye on the weather. Quality low houred Tractors are still selling. Seeders are still popular for the right article, and a couple of Weighbridges have sold this week. Skel Trailers are selling well, especially for Groupers out in the paddock.


Currently, we are in Charleville, Qld, this coming weekend if anyone would like to catch up.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.