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We have a fresh new Hay Report out today. The theme is around a wish list for the upcoming Baling season. Take a read here.

It was another pretty strong week for Machinery and Equipment sales. Trending for the 7 days just gone were Headers (especially 2388's), Prime Movers (especially Kenworths), Hay Rakes, Sheep Handling gear is off the charts, Header Fronts, Milk Vats, Tractors (again), and Offset Discs.

Jackie sold this 2004 Case IH 2388 with a 2052 Front on a Trailer for $1k below the listed price. It was only listed for 5 days before it was marked as sold.

On our Facebook page here, we do a live video version of "What's Hot in Farming" and Top Sellers for Machinery and Equipment" each weekend. Make sure you check them out.

It's been all about Cattle on the FTLE front. Our in-house Livestock Agent Jack Henshaw loves his Cattle and even sold a few of his own to a very appreciative client.

On the Grain front, we sold parcels of Lupins (around $425), Feed Barley (around $255) and Feed Oats ( around $200). All prices are Ex Farm.

See what else sold here.