Farm Tender

What's Hot

By Dwain Duxson


Firstly, our hearts go out to all those involved in the Floods. Stay safe.


Hay demand has lifted in the last fortnight. Check out the latest Hay Report here. Hot of the keyboard last night.


The sales guys are reporting that the phones are running pretty hot ATM. This is a good indicator that Farmers are pretty keen to secure what they are looking for. By that, I mean if they are casually inquiring about something, they will do it with a comment via the website, but there is more urgency about the pending purchase when they call. 


The trends for Machinery and Equipment include Air Seeders, Seeder Bars and Seeder Carts, Combines, Drills, Offset Discs, Power Harrows, Tractors, Prime Movers (especially Kenworth ones), Sprayers, Groupers and Livestock Handling Gear. 


Paul sold this Kenworth T601 Prime Mover and 36ft Tipper Trailer for the listed price.


Unfortunately, Jack has no Livestock Report this week as he has been out trying to save some of his family's property from flooding in the Kempsey region. 


The Grain job is so interesting but so uncertain. You would think it will have to rise with what's happening in Ukraine and the drought in the US.


BAR1 has been selling around $255 a tonne, BAR2 for $205 a tonne, Feed Oats are selling at around $210 a tonne, Lupins are around $465 a tonne, Feed Corn made $320 a tonne and Field Peas $390 a tonne.


As for Seed, Vetch Seed seems to have lifted in price a little and is selling for between $600 and $700 a tonne. Seed Oats range anywhere from $250 up to $600 a tonne for the more modern varieties. Cocksfoot Seed sold at $6 a kg, Lucerne Seed at $7 a kg, and Balansa Clover made $3.20 a kg. 



This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Has been a busy week with still lots happening but no particular standout on which products are moving. There has been a small increase in GPS gear, and Tractors and Sprayers are still popular.


Paul said - This last week has seen things continue much the same as far as the second-hand machinery job sits. We have noticed a spike in the Hay job and Seed for this year's Cropping season. Straw is another commodity that seems to be in demand for the right product. It has to be Shedded, and not weather-affected. Header trail Barley Straw is most in demand.  


Mike said - It's a really mixed bag this week regarding sales. Everything from Livestock Handling Equipment through to Tractors, Kelly Chains and Headers. There has been reasonable inquiry on Airseeders. Seed of all types has also been popular. 


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.