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By Dwain Duxson

See the latest Hay Report right here, hot off the keyboard last night.

We have been noticing a lot more wanted ads on the website lately. I have always stated, since starting this website nearly 10 years ago, that Aussie Farmers know what they require, they are very specific with their needs. Wanted ads are a great way to tease those specific items out.


Things have been going along as per usual on the Machinery and Equipment front, with the trends being Offset Discs, Bale Feed Out Wagons, Combines and Drills, Airseeders, Tractors, Speed Tillers, Sheep Handlers, and Harrows. We have sold a few Headers lately, too.


Paul sold this Semeato TDNG 40 Double Disc Drill for the listed price. These Semeato Drills are always snapped up really quickly.


Ellen, in her Weekly Fertiliser update via text report (text 0418 137 224 and type "Fert Report please" if you want to join), is telling us Urea dropped $100 last week, so that is some good news.


It's a big-time for Grain and Pasture Seed right now. Ranges for purchasing Wheat Seed are from $410-$520 a tonne, Oat Seed from $500-$685 a tonne, Vetch Seed from $650-$785 a tonne.


Feed Oats sold at $180, $195, $200 & $225 a tonne, Beans made $370 and $420 a tonne. All prices are Ex Farm.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - With the Sowing season upon us, the need for Seed has risen dramatically, and we see a lot more enquiry for good quality Grain. Also, the Tractor market is red hot, so if you are looking to sell yours, then there is no better time than now!


Paul said that Machinery is still the most significant mover through the site, with "out of season" sales becoming the norm. We are still selling Headers and Harvest related Equipment that would traditionally sit idle on the site during this period. 


We have seen a fairly strong push towards Discs and other Fallow Implements, as well as Sprayer and Seeders which is typical for this time of year. Enquiry on Grain and Seed has also lifted, with the "next phase" of things starting to be sought after. 


Mike said - It has been a real mixed bag this week when it comes to sales. Tractors, Trailers, Chaff Carts, Grain, Tyres, and Headers have all moved. 


Older, big horsepower Tractors are popular at the moment. Unique quality Airseeders are in demand in the mid-price range. 


Both Kelly and Brookfield Chains are popular at the moment. There is approximately an eight-month delay for 40-foot Chains out of Kelly's. Build slots for larger chains are still available, I'm hearing.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.