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By Dwain Duxson


I have been a bit out of the loop in the last week, but from what the guys tell me, it's Tillage and Seeding gear that is filling the spreadsheets.


So the trends for Machinery and Equipment in the last 7 days have been Tractors, Prickle & Disc Chians, Cultivators & Scarifiers, Offset Discs, Groupers, Combines & Drills and Air Seeders.


Mike sold this 56ft FlexiCoil ST860 Bar and Gason 1890 RT3 Cart for $4k below the listed price.


Because I have been away and a little strapped for time, we haven't been able to do an updated Hay Report, so we will do a Hay Report next week. See the latest Hay Report here.


The Seed job has kicked into gear with Vetch Seed selling for $650, $675 $700 a tonne, Wheat Seed has been selling for $410 and $480 a tonne, Oat Seed has been selling for $685 a tonne, and Barley Seed at $275 a tonne. Clover Seed has been trading for $3 a kg.


On the commodity Grain side of things, Feed Oats made $190, $210 and $225 a tonne, Feed Wheat $305 a tonne, and Field Peas for $550 a tonne. 


All prices are Ex Farm and depending on variety and spec. 


Check out Jacks Livestock report below.


This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - Anything Cropping gear has been the flavour of the week with plenty of stock being looked at and purchased. Tractors are a hot commodity with stocks low, and it's nearly impossible to get hold of a new one unless you are prepared to wait months, which makes this market interesting. A few Auctions/Clearance Sales were held down south recently with unprecedented sales and most items selling at new prices.


Paul said - This last week has seen quality Machinery sell well! Good quality gear is shifting, whether it's Cropping Implements or even Harvest Machinery. Yes, the market is a "Sellers Market", but not everything seems to be going for over the odds. We are seeing realistic pricing bringing the best results. While plenty of people are hunting for specific things, the main takeaway is to get in fast, or you will miss out. This age-old saying has never been more relevant.


Mike said -

In a nutshell, anything to do with Tillage and Seeding, there is plenty of inquiry. A few of the better Headers left are being nibbled at still, with some thinking of next year.


Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.