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By Dwain Duxson

Click here to check out the Hay Report from last week. It's good to see a little bit of Hay shifting.

It was another good week for sales despite the air of uncertainty around the Harvest conditions that are being presented. The end of 2021 is turning out to be a challenging one as rain fronts seem to be turning up each week and, in some cases threatening a Grain season that looked so good. But it's not lost yet, and I am sure plenty will get through with some good results.

Trending in Machinery and Equipment for the last 7 days was Pick Up Fronts, Augers, Chaser Bins, Silos, Slashers, Tractors, Field Bins, Tanks and Airseeders.

Shane sold this 2008 25 tonne Finch Chaser Bin for the listed price last night.

On the grain front, we sold some light Feed Oats for $150 a tonne, heavier Feed Oats at $190 and $225 a tonne, Barley at $245, $250 and $255 a tonne, and Lupins at $400 a tonne. All prices are Ex Farm.



This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - With the impending weather forecasted, Farmers are flat out getting off what they can and buying up on Equipment that can help them, eg: Headers, Chaser Bins, Grain Silos, etc. 


Also, with this, we are hearing that the Hay is going to be poorer in quality as there has been some lying around for some time and unable to cure due to the wet and cool weather. 


On a brighter note, there are good reports on Canola and Lentils, with yields above average, especially with the high pricing that it is currently bringing.


Paul said - We have seen all the usual suspects dominating spreadsheets, i.e. Fronts, Augers, Bins and Tractors. 


We have also seen a small spike in New Seasons Hay, albeit un-weather damaged or at least minimal weather on it. Just south of the $200 mark seems to be where new season Vetch Hay is gaining the most interest. Also, getting some new season Barley Hay being looked at with the pricing a bit softer on that. 


The weather is at the forefront of everyone's planning over the next week or so, Heres hoping Mother Nature plays the game and gives the Header Drivers and Hay Makers a helping hand! 


Mike said - Bit of a mixed bag, re sales last week with Chaser Bins , Field Bins and Pick Up Fronts all selling well. There is still demand for quality Augers.


Inquiry for Planting gear for next year is still gaining momentum as plenty are thinking forward.


Livestock Handling gear has been very popular. 




Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.