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By Dwain Duxson

See the latest Hay Report here, it's hot off the keyboard this morning.


Fertiliser sales have been extra strong over the last 7 days. It really is a case of getting it when you can, even at these inflated prices. What's old, becomes new again, good old Single Super is the new go-to for many.


On the Machinery and Equipment front, it has been a very strong last 7 days for sales. On Monday alone, we did up 27 sales contracts and many of the items sold for $30k and above. The trends included Augers, Pick Up Fronts, Hay Rakes, Chaser Bins (when they get listed), Disc Seeders, Windrowers, Tractors and Field Bins.


Paul sold this neat Grainrite 60ft x 10.5 inch SP Auger for the listed price.


Jack's had a good week selling Rams, Bulls, Joined Heifers and expanded his Cattle commission buying clientele.


On the Grain front, we sold Lentils for around $835 a tonne, Beans for $415 a tonne, Dunn Peas for $440 a tonne and Oats for $200-$210 a tonne. All prices are ex Farm




This is what the sales guys said happened this week:


Shane said - The Harvest seems to be further away than most people would have planned for, and with this has seen plenty of gear moving with the weather playing havoc across parts of the eastern board. Contractors have been caught up North with some heading back South, and we are hearing that they are hard to come by, especially Windrowers. I was told that there will be a lot of Grain downgraded in NSW with some Crops in a foot of water. Hopefully, the weather will clear so they can get a good run of it and get what's there off just in case it continues.


Paul said - With "Mother Nature" playing funny buggers with the November weather, we are hearing decent rainfall reports from far and wide. It could be a New Years spent in the paddock as the Harvest timeframe stretches out longer and longer, with cool, wet weather seeming to be the norm. Hay has also copped a pizzling with plenty of rain-affected windrows lying down waiting for some warm weather to cure, which should lead to a premium being paid for non-rain affected Hay. 



Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.