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By Dwain Duxson

It was another very strong last 7 days after the previous 7 quietened off a little. Having a good Auction results helps, as they run every fortnight.

See our latest Hay Report here.

We'll start with Livestock because it's white-hot. We are beginning to see some traction that our "inhouse Livestock Agent" model is starting to bear fruit. Jack has had a good week selling Cows and Calves, and as we know, you don't need many of them these days to make up an expensive lot. Check out his FTLE report above.

The used Machinery and Equipment game keeps rolling along. The forecast rain over the next week for a widespread area of both East and West looks promising. For many Farmers, it will be the icing to what looks like a really strong season. However, as I tap away here, there has been no rain on the roof as yet. My fingers are crossed for everyone.

The trends for Machinery and Equipment over the last 7 days have been Tipper Trailers, Flat & Drop Deck Trailers, Air Seeders, Canola Fronts, Chaser Bins, Augers, Silos, Tractors and Speed Tillers.

Shane sold these 2014 Gippsland Body Builders set of Triple Tipper Trailers for $15k below the listed price.

Check out what the Sales guys had to say below:


Mike said - There is plenty going on at present. With Harvest not that far away in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, there is a fair bit of rain forecast for the rest of this week in areas.

Chaser Bins are in hot demand, so if anyone has one, get it up on the site, especially large ones. Field bins are still very popular, and so are Augers.

Shane said - We are starting to see some urgency with buying Machinery heading into Harvest. The prediction of rain has thrown preparations into chaos. I have one buyer looking for a 4WD Header now to get them started after the rain hits this week and also the fact they are forecasting a wet spring/summer in some areas.

Paul said - This last week has seen Trucks and Trailer's become more popular whilst Harvest related Machinery is still hot property. The forecast has a few with Hay on the ground nervous. The Croppers out there are definitely looking for a nice rain to finish off what looks to be good but a bit thirsty looking Crops.


I haven't heard a lot in the way of New Season's Hay pricing but have heard a few standing Crop prices, which range from $100-$170 per tonne for new season Vetch Hay.

It's a broken record for Fertiliser. Unfortunately, it keeps going up each week. Ellen gives us a rundown in the PAC report above, and if you want to subscribe to her weekly "Fertiliser Report", just text your name and number through to 0418 137 224, and you will be added to the SMS list.

We sold some good parcels of Grain this week. This included Feed Corn for around $300, Kaspa Peas for around $405, Barley for $245-$260 and Feed Oats for $180-205. All prices are Ex GST and Ex Farm.

Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.