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By Dwain Duxson

Check out the latest Hay Report here, hot of the keyboard last night.

We had a little bit of a quieter last seven days since our last report.

We do see this in the Spring time, when confidence in the outcome ebbs and flows.

It was a late start in some areas, and now the Spring has arrived this has exposed the lack of subsoil moisture in Crops and Pastures. Other areas are going gangbusters.

When confidence goes up and down, this can affect what people buy. If Farmers are foreseeing a tighter period, they might say, I will pass on that extra item I was going to buy.

The trends for Machinery and Equipment over the last seven days were Drop Deck and Flat Top Trailers, Chaser Bins, Silos, Field Bins, Feed Mixers Wagons (lots sold), Augers, Tractors, Header Fronts and Hay Rakes.

We did see a lift in the number of items listed in the last week. Keep them coming.

Mike sold this NDE 18S400 Feed Mixer Wagon for $7k below the listed price.

Here is what the Sales guys said this week.

Mike said - As reported last week, the shift towards older Headers is continuing, with a few sales around the $18-$40,000 mark this week.
Grain Storage and Weighbridges are popular.

Also, people are looking at feeding Livestock with a couple of Feed Mixer sales/inspections currently happening.

Shane said - Pickup Canola Fronts are sort after at the moment as there is a shortage of these in the marketplace. With the Canola pricing sitting around $900 a tonne, there are quite a few buyers out there trying to source one. So if you have something you might want to sell, please contact the Sales guys to get it listed ASAP.

Paul said - It's Grand Final time which usually indicates that things are just about to get serious with Hay and Silage already underway. Those who aren't on the Mower or Wrapping are knocking some last-minute jobs over before getting the Headers humming in anticipation of another busy period.

Sales are still dominated by Harvest gear, whether it's Headers and Fronts or Field Bins and Silo's right through to Augers and Shifters. Things are selling reasonably well, so if you are thinking of selling something Hay or Harvest related now is the time.

Check out how the Livestock Exchange went below.

As for Grains, the main sellers were Feed Oats (around $200), Beans (around $355), Lupins (around $390), and Field Peas (around $400). All prices are per tonne, ex GST and ex Farm.

Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.

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