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By Dwain Duxson.

Border issues and timelines on getting gear are front of mind for those looking to buy either new or used Equipment at the moment. Our suggestion is, if you are keen on something and concerned about getting it across a border, get a freight company involved, they have all the required paperwork.

Crossing borders for inspection is delaying buying decisions. Paul makes some very good suggestions below.

In the Machinery and Equipment game, the trends for the last 7 days were Pick Up Fronts, low houred Headers, Sheep Feeders, trained up Kelpies, second-hand Tyres, Chaser Bins, Combines, Hay Rakes, Silos, Utes, and Urea.

Mike sold this 15-tonne Bordignon Chaser Bin for $2k below the listed price. It was snapped up in a couple of days.

Check out what the sales guys have to say below.

Paul says - Looking back at the week in sales, and I see the same trends, Harvest Machinery, a small splatter of Feed Grain with the occasional spot load of Hay. All things Harvest are being sought after along with Tractors. Borders crossings are proving to be the biggest obstacle for would-be buyers.

With the lack of inspections available, people are turning to other forms of viewing, whether a Video or more extensive photos through Facetime virtual Inspections. Which I personally think is a great way to get a feel of the Machine.

Nothing beats a personal inspection which can sometimes be arranged by neutral third parties where applicable. My suggestion would be to look at all options as in the current market, as things are here one minute and gone the next.

Mike says - Just speaking to a customer who said he purchased some Cattle panels last year for $7000 worth. He purchased the same amount of Cattle panels this year for $13,000. The cost of steel is gone through the roof.

Headers are very popular. It will be harder to source contractors due to border restrictions, and the Farmers are taking action. Same as last week, low hour Machines are the most sought after

Shane says - With Harvest fast approaching, we are still seeing a lot of Machinery moving because of the border issue and uncertainty of when buyers are receiving new Equipment. I sold another well-bred Kelpie for $11,500 + GST, which was an excellent result for the seller.

See the latest Hay Report here, hot off the keyboard last night.

See what Jack has to say about Livestock above.

The Grain game is getting exciting in the lead up to Harvest. This week, the most-traded Grains were Beans at around $350 a tonne, Lupins at around $420 a tonne, two B Double loads of Safflower at $900 a tonne, and Feed Oats at $180-200 a tonne. All prices quoted are GST free and Ex Farm.

Keep those listings coming and see what else sold here.

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