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Headers have been all the rage lately. In my ten years in the Machinery game, we have never seen Headers sell like this. We should use Header selling as an indicator. It has to mean things are going good.

Out of all the things we sell, Headers are by far the hardest things to sell. Last year we had a good run on the Headers up to $100k. This year it's different. On Friday alone, we sold three all around the $300k mark. I remember selling a handful in a whole year, right now, that's done in a week. So, if you have a Header to sell, then now is a good time to have it listed. The lottery odds are shorter.

Let's give this "Header indicator" some more thought....

Also trending was Header Fronts, Feed Oats, Tractors, Hay Rakes, Lucerne Hay, Silos, Spreaders, 1st Cross Ewe Lambs, Urea, and Munro Post Drivers.

Paul sold this 2011 Midwest Crophawk 45 ft Front for the listed price. Interestingly it was listed in October 2020.

We keep chipping away at the Hay sales. They are constant, with no records being broken. Check out the Hay Report here.

Feed Oats were popular once again, lifting $10 to sell for $210 a tonne, Ex Farm.

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