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Location : Bayswater, East Gippsland, VIC
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Listing Date : 12/04/2021, 06:10pm


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This is a unique business opportunity to obtain the Intellectual Property (IP) Distributorship rights for the Australian Billabong Hydraulic Water Rams (BBHWRs).

The BBHWRs have been manufactured in Australia for the past 166 years and have been used extensively in the Australian and Pacific Rim Countries markets. The BBHWRs are iconic in the Australian water transfer industry. Due to their uniqueness (field proven longevity and reliability), the BBHWRs have hundreds, possibly thousands of satisfied Australian and Pacific Rim end users, who are enjoying the benefits of free continuous water supply on a 24/7 basis, for the whole year. There are many BBHWRs end users who have been operating BBHWRs for more than 60 - 80 years. In fact, we have a customer (a third-generation farmer) in Far North Queensland (Australia), who has been operating BBHWRs for, more than 100 years. We have been actively marketing the BBHWRs in the Pacific Rim and other areas (PNG, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Fiji, New Caledonia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc.) for many years, where we now have many satisfied BBHWR customers enjoying the benefits derived from the operation of our BBHWRs with the added benefit of a free water supply. Billabong Rams are field proven technological devices, renowned for their longevity and reliability. In addition, they are considered a truly green product with zero pollution emissions.

The Billabong Rams’ reputation has been underpinned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) recognition, where many BBHWR’s No. 7 have previously been supplied for a UNDP Water Supply Project in the Solomon Islands. Whilst the BBHWRs have been manufactured and marketed in the Australian and Pacific Rim Countries for the past 166 years, there is a need to expand the BBHWRs marketing globally. As a result of this, we believe that, due to their history, reputation, reliability and field-proven longevity, our BBHWRs have the potential to be introduced to other countries worldwide. To accomplish such objectives, we require to appoint Distributors with marketing capabilities and activities in global markets across all continents, to undertake this task.

History of Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Misal) and the BBHWRs:
By way of a background introduction please note the following brief outline of our Company. Misal is an established Australian Company, operating in Australia since 1980, in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering. Misal has over the years been actively involved and specialising in the design and manufacturing of Equipment for High Voltage Power Distribution Systems and Specialised Aviation Ground Support Equipment – GSE’s developed specifically for the F111 fire fighters and the Collins Class Submarines.

A separate Misal Division has for the last 35 years has been involved in the manufacturing of Billabong Hydraulic Water Rams (BBHWRs). The original BBHWRs Intellectual Property has been acquired by Misal from Messrs. John Danks & Son Pty. Ltd. (Australia) in 1986 and purchased by Misal in 1986.

By way of history, the original BBHWRs IP was designed by Messrs. John Danks & Son Pty. Ltd. in 1855 and has over the years been further developed & continually been manufactured in Australia since 1855. Based on these historical data, the BBHWRs are today probably one of the oldest Water Rams in the global marketplace, since their initial introduction to the Australia market 166 years ago and are still being manufactured today.

BBHWRs Video, additional documentation and BBHWRs Websites details:
For further BBHWRs information, details, photographs and Video viewing the BBHWR in operation, please refer to our website: ; where the BBHWRs Section can be found under the Billabong Tab.
A comprehensive set of Documentation on our BBHWRs is provided in the enclosed Zipped Document 12559 Rev.1. Zip (17.03.2021) – refer Enclosure listing below.
Further additional information could also be obtained from either of the following two Websites: or

We are inviting an expression of Interest regarding this unique business opportunity with a global application. We will, upon conclusion of the current Expression of Interest campaign for the BBHWRs Distributorship, enter into further communication with parties who have expressed an interest in the BBHWRs Distributorship business opportunity. Misal will then provide further details, terms and conditions applicable for the proposed BBHWRs Distributorship appointment, all as part of the due diligence forthcoming consultative process. Interested parties, interested in the BBHWRs Distributorship appointment, should in the first instance lodge their Expression of Interest with the undersigned.

In conclusion we believe that this expression of interest for the Australian Iconic BBHWRs Distributorship presents a unique business opportunity for the astute Company, capable of undertaking the BBHWRs marketing in the pre-agreed global markets.

Interested Parties should contact in the first instance the undersigned.
Managing Director
Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd.

Note: The listed retail price of $ 1,464 relates to BBHWR No.3

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